First blog - $150 ==> SNE

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
My name is Tomas, I am 23 years old sng grinder from Slovakia and I play 6max hyperturbo SNGs on PokerStars (non-satellites)under the screen name MASUR0N1KE. Before moving to PS I played 6max super turbos on Entraction on highest possible stakes and

After Entraction changed it’s owned the traffic dropped significantly. As a result it was not really possible play €25 - €100 buy-ins anymore and I was forced to find new games. At that time my friend „phasE89“ tried to do 40k 6-max HT sngs on Stars in one month and I noticed that these have similar structure to those on Entraction (on Entraction there was a 1,250 startstack, 2min blinds, start level 10/20 and no ante). I knew I could not start on high stakes right away as it was something new and the players were much better. And because I like challenges (can’t really focus on playing and studying without making it a challenge of mine) I came up with this one:

Try to make Supernova Elite from $150 starting bankroll with moving to highers stakes only when having at least 100 buy-ins for this level and moving back down whenever I drop below 100 buy-ins. 

I started playing ($1,50s) in May and the micros were so easy I was already playing $15s after first month. However, although 18-tabling with stacked tables was great for volume, this was not a way to improve my game. I was breakeven there with no chance to move up to higher stakes, when one very good friend of mine who used to play on Entraction and then moved to Stars like me helped me to open my eyes and gave me an advice to play less tables, tiled not stacked and study hard. After this my game improved a lot and after few days of hard grindI had 5% EV ROI on $15s. Bad thing was that I ran 320 buy-ins below EV and I was thinking about giving the challenge up. Fortunately, I ran much better next week and made it to $30s.

After passing $30s it started to go well and thanks to my improved game I quickly got to $60s, where I was earning VPPs faster. In that time I reached Supernova and collected bonuses for FPPs, thanks to them I could proceed to $100 faster. It didn't took a long time and with my volume I was shoting $200s and after a couple of weeks I even managed to reach a bound of $60k. However, then it stopped to thrive and especially a level has terribly raised to $200s, where are about 5-6 regs at the table.

At the moment I have a $50k bankroll, 720k VPPs and I play the highest possible stakes on PokerStars. I can make it with about 7-8 hours of grind a day and even though it is hard, it is possible.

Graphs (In all graphs I have a rakeback set to 60%, that's a value which gets every player who reaches a SNE from a BronzeStar):

All-time graph:

celkovy graf



60$ - $100




PS: I am not a great player but I certainly am trying to be the best. Wish me luck in this challenge!

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