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 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
6max hypers are really popular, you can easily earn bigger hourly than in cash games or tournaments with similar bankroll and although everybody thinks it´s solved game, I don´t think so. There is ton of edge, even at highstakes games with 6 regs. There are just very few players who doesn´t have big leaks. To be honest, I´m not in this group so far, but I think I should be in top 20-30 players in these games.

The most common question I receive is "Where can I find some FREE coaching material for 6max hypers?". I thought there have to be some solid free coaching strategies which can help beginners to reach $7/$15 games. But there are not! There is just video pack from Bernardc and ILS007, but it´s not good to purchase it unless you play $30 games. I found video from "lallez0r" and I have no idea who he is and it´s more than year old.

Like I said, I don´t think I´m best player in hypers, but as you know I made Supernova Elite status last year from $150 so I know what is important for beating low stakes SNGs. It´s impossible to understand what bernardc talk in his video if you are lowstakes breakeven or losing player and winning strategy for highstakes SNGs is different from winning strategy for low stakes because it´s allways about adjusting to players.  I ´m going to write few blogs with strategy for beating low stakes 6max hypers or beating fishies/bad regs in any buy-in. Difference between low and high stakes hypers is just in reg´s skill. Fishies play similar in every buy-ins, but at high stakes you can play with way much better regs and number of them at your table is mostly much higher than at low stakes.

And obv, I´m going to share it for FREE! 

1st part - First blind level, preflop ranges 

2nd part - Postflop play

3rd part - How to improve your push/fold game

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