Get 70-100% rakeback at WPN playing Spin&Go's vs players from USA

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As I explained in my last article about Spin&Go's, there are just two real options to play Spin&Go's profitably instead of PokerStars and it is WPN network and FullTilt. I would like to explain you how to get 70% rakeback (or up to 100%) playing at WPN and compare two players playing the same limit at Stars and WPN.

You can play Spin&Go's with same structure, but 6% rake at Winning Poker Network, so if you are beating games with same cEV per game, you are winning less at WPN. But there is option to make a deal if you hit top prizepool (exactly 40%/30%/30% for 100x, 200x and 2500x multiplier) and rakeback you can get there is way bigger compared to PokerStars. At the moment if you started as BronzeStar and made Supernova status, you have about 27% rakeback. From what I've heard, next year we can expect drastic improvement in VIP loyalty system so there will be a lot of grinders looking for other options. 

At WPN you have 27% rakeback from first dollar of rake, so no need to make some status to have good rakeback. It's important to say it's not 27% from total rake, but it's calculated as 27% of (rake minus bonus). No need to stress you with numbers and calculations, while you are clearing $1,000 first deposit bonus you have 41,3% rakeback. You have 60 days to make $5k rake to clear that, but they are offering similar reload bonuses pretty often at the moment. Where you can get another 30-60%? There is special promotion called Sit&Crush. At $10 Spin&Go you are paying $0.60 in rake (yes it's a bit complicated, but I will try to explain it), but just $0.45 is rake and $0.15 is going to this S&C weekly leaderboard. 1st place gets $1,250 and last two weeks winner had to make a bit more than $2k rake to win (more than 60% extra rakeback). Average rakeback % for all players that were paid was 31% and for last place you had to make just $140 in rake = 233x $10 Spin&Go or 58x $40 Spin&Go.

I made calculation to explain you the difference between these two networks by calculating two players who played 1k tournaments at 15s PokerStars and 10s WPN with winrate of 50chips per game. At PokerStars you have 4,5% roi and after 1k games your ev is +45 buy-ins. From rakeback (I am calculating with 30%) you get 15 buy-ins and you are total 60 buy-ins up.

At WPN and 6% rake you are winning less pre-rakeback, with 50 chips per game it's just 3,4% roi and 34 buy-ins, but from rakeback (calculating with 70% rakeback) you get 42 buy-ins and total you are up 76 buy-ins so 16 buy-ins more compared to Stars at just 1k games sample. 

Obviously I have no idea how tough games are at WPN compared to Stars these days. At WPN you are playing with players from USA, but I think % of at least 1 reg in game will be still high. There are three buy-in levels, $2, $10 and $40 and traffic looks solid there (obviously not anywhere close to PS). So for who is it worth moving? I would start with question for who is it NOT worth moving. If you are playing higher than $30s or going for some high VIP level/milestone at Stars, it's not great. Also if you are not willing to adjust to new software (it's not so great, but PS is PS) in exchange for probably better profit it's better to stay at PS. But for all of those who are willing to play Spins as main game and are not in groups mentioned above, trying to play at least 1k games there to find out your chipEV and make calculation sounds like a good idea to me. 

How to get such a great rakeback? Clear cookies and register through this link at Americas CardRoom and you have automatically 27% rakeback paid weekly. If you have account there or you want to play there more than $1k rake monthly, contact me to get better rakeback at BlackChipPoker. Also if you already have account at ACR and you would like to have first deposit, clear cookies and register through this link to BlackChipPoker and also contact me for more options as there you have VIP program same as PS have at the moment. 

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