Highstakes 6max hypers are full of fish and are super easy to beat!

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Everyone thinks 6max hypers are reg infested and from some stakes it's all about hunting VPPs, losing money pre-rkb and celebrate milestones. I mostly read things like "it's impossible to beat them pre-rkb", "how can you play that roulette?" or "it's not real poker". But I don't think so!

I played a lot of 6max hypers this year at the highest possible stakes and I won almost $100k this year playing these games. But I'm definitely not a solid player and make a lot of mistakes daily. If you played with me you certainly know I suck in postflop game. I would compare my skill in postflop game in hypers to random clicking buttons. In game I allways think all players have to laugh a lot on my moves. I'm not balanced in a lot of spots and I try to avoid any postflop situation or simply check/fold flop.

That's definitely not my biggest leak. I can't focus on playing and I have opened skype/tiltbook/email and when there is no action I usually chat with someone or post funny statuses. It's because I'm tired of playing poker and have business and family. That leads to missclicks (some of them are really crazy like this one) and missplays.

I don't eat healthy meals and I don't play just when I feel good. I can't remember when I was last time in gym and my mindset is not optimal. I haven't good backup connection and 2-3 times I lost some money because of that.

If I can go back to my game, my push/fold game isn't optimal and there is big room for improvement. Sometimes I made really bad calls, for example today I made -4% mistake at bubble and tought it's standard call. 

You can think I'm fish, but the opposite is true. If I ignore fact I'm a lot below EV, I'm still making shitloads of money, even more than a lot of regs playing same format. That's why I think highstakes 6max hypers are full of fish and are super easy to beat, because If I can win money in them, everyone can!

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