How HoldemBoss can increase you hourly and save money

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What is HoldemBoss? It's mix of sharkystrator and table ninja with some cool added functions that save your time and help you make more +ev decision. That's what was my first opinion when I tried it.

Guys from HoldemBoss asked me if I could try their software and post my user review on TiltBook. I am not doing this on regular basis and will never post anything if I feel it's not worth using for my followers. I was kinda surpriced when I realize how many useful functions it has and how much it costs. So these are functions I like the most:

Push/Fold chart

You can add push/fold chart for each stacksize and HoldemBoss will shove you what can you shove with stacksize you have. For example you have 6BB and you are on the button and you can see in-game what can you shove based on your push/fold chart. I bet everyone has some charts and it's much better to have it on your table and leave software to show you exact range than searching for chart with 5bbs from BTN. You can also set up with how many blinds you play just shove/fold and your slider will go to max if you have less than this number of blinds so you need to just press shove.


Table selection can definitely add some % to your roi. If you play limits where is a lot of games running, it's much better to select the best ones and why should you spend time looking into lobby all the time if software can do this job for you? You can set numbers to each color note you have in PokerStars and minimum number to register and HoldemBoss will calculate if it is enough to register so you can avoid better players. Let's say you set -2 to regs, +5 to fish and +2 to unknown and minimum 10 to register so software will register you to tournament where are 2 fishies, 1 reg and 1 unknown because total number of this tournament is 2x5-2+2=10. It works same way as sharkystrator, but can also unregister you from MTTs if you play satties.

BB timer

Where are times when we all played non-turbo SNGs for a living? The best traffic for SNGs is on hypers or Spin&Go's lately where we play with short stacks and levels change every 2-3 minutes. It can change your decision if you know you will be big blind next hand and blinds are going up. BB timer will show you in how many seconds it will be.

Extended note system

If you use HB registrator or sharkystrator, you are making color notes in PokerStars based on player's skill level, not specific leak. If you spot any leak in someone's play you need to make note and if you play a lot of tables, it's really hard to look at notes all the time. With HoldemBoss you can add color LEDs to opponents with one click. 

Auto backup PS notes

I heard about a lot of players who lost their notes from PokerStars for unknown reason. You are colecting notes for years and one day everything is lost. HB is autosaving notes on regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly)

Hide your tournament buy-in

If you mix stakes like I do, you will find this useful, because your decision will no longer based on buy-in of tournament :)

Other not breathtaking (for me) functions

As I said it works similar to TableNinja so you can set up betsizings preflop and postflop, set up hotkey for sharkscope search, show you how many blinds each player has, close popups/ok buttons/timebank/I'm back,etc.


$7/month if you purchase it for 12 months ($84/year), $8/month for 6 months ($48) or $11 for 3 months ($33). There is also 15-day trial so feel free to try it. Do you know how much sharkystrator costs? $70 to $1k depends on what stakes you play. HoldemBoss with all features has really fair price imo!


I definitely recommend it if you find these functions useful (I would never recommend anything I think it's not worth like HEM2 for example). It can take some time to set up everything properly, because it has a lot of different functions. Feel free to ask anything in comments, will ask guy from HoldemBoss to respond to your questions.

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