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 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
I created this blog for Pokerman.cz so some of you read it and a lot of TiltBook users are poker pros at the moment. But here are a lot of microstakes players who just read stories and do not post anything and I think even for some winning poker players can be these advices helpful.

There was a lot of hate below this blog on Pokerman, people told me there is no advice for them, it is not helpful and it is pure advertisement, but I swear to god (even I do not believe in that person anymore) I think these 4 advices are the most important ones in my opinion to become poker pro (I don't mean guy from TV poker show, but winning poker player who can do it for a living).

Focus on 1 format

I know about a lot of players who switch formats regularly. "Ok, this month I am going to focus on 6max hypers", when it goes bad "HU hypers are easy", they are bored so "MTTs are fishy as hell" and just from some uknown reason "I am going to try PLO, I crush it". There are some pros who crush different formats, but there is way much more who just spew time and could be more winning in 1 format then in 3-4 formats together. Reason why I think so is you can remember ranges better just for 1 format and not mix a lot of ranges together and if you invest your time in 1 format you can become much better player and crush higher stakes than to focus on several formats and be just average player in everything.


I would say you have great chance to gain know-how how to beat some serious poker stakes for small amount of money thanks to low price for quality poker videos on most of top training sites. But what I find even more effective is 1 on 1 coaching from some top players. It is not that easy in 6max hypers as the only reg who do 1 on 1 coaching is bernardc (still fair price and +ev investment), but I know about few really great HU hypers players who do coaching for $50-$100 per hour and that's what I find extremely +ev. As I focus on hypers mostly I don't know much about other format but I would be surprised if they do coaching for some ridiculous money. I still think it is much better to pay for know how to player with solid results over big sample (look for EV graph for hypers) than play for your own and find out your mistakes by yourself.

Other option is to find some longterm staking/coaching deal as I have, what is fine especially for 6max hypers or some MTTs where variance is high.


If you are not a grinder, you have not big chance to win huge. Guy with lower skillset and bigger volume mostly win much more than sicko who play from time to time. There is a lot of players who won a lot of money thx to clicking buttons like shabalinvlad for example. He is not the best player ever skillwise, but I don't know about anyone who won more last year in 6max hypers. But I prefer to follow 1st advice (pay for know-how) and then go to 2nd one. So, try to read faster and go play some games or search for coach.


When you know what format to play, you paid for coaching from quality coach and decided to play as much as possible the only thing you need is to play A-game most of the time (it would be better to play A-game all the time, but I think it is not really achievable). I give you my personal tip, nothing new for some of you probably, but I try to play video game. I look at table and try to ask myself "What is the best decision I can make?" and try to earn points, one point for every right decision. Who earn the most points win. It is not that easy to find out what is right decision, but if you bought coaching and play some games with good results you know what should be ok. I'm also looking on showdowns as much as possible, but not because I want to care about "Oh my god, that sucker won 45/55 again" but to find out if hand he had was in range I assumed or not.

I hope I helped some of you and we will have more crushers on TiltBook soon!

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