How to improve your push/fold game in any tournament format

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It's not common that I am (or any other high-stakes player) giving tips about the game for free. But today I will explain you how to improve your push/fold game and how to learn ICM as a professional.

Before you start disliking my blog from some reasons, I want to let you know that I've decided to earn some money from TiltBook by recommending you things that can help you earn more money from poker at no additional cost for you. I am recommending you today to learn ICM and push/fold through paid software not because of small commission I earn, but because I honestly think this is the best and easiest way to learn it. 

Even though you think that the most important thing to beat SNG's and MTT's is postflop game, there are a lot of formats where your skill in understanding ICM is really important. If you are playing any turbo format, or even hyper-turbo, your shove/fold game has big impact on your game. Out of my 90k hands I've played in 6max hypers in last 2 months, there were 45k hands with less than 11BBs. Even in Spin&go's you play about 25% hands with less than 11BBs. So how to improve this part of game? ICMIZER recently released new version of their software "ICMIZER2" (you probably heard about it), but I want to show you how to use the max value out of it and why I think investing in this software is +ev for everyone!




If you have used ICMIZER1 before, there is no massive change in the way how software calculate exact hand, but there is imho one new really cool feature:


What would you say if you are playing poker and software tell you if you made right or wrong decision? No this is not a bot and you can't use it in-game, but software will show you some realistic hands that can happen in your type of SNG or MTT with some options to push/call/fold and show you result after you choose some option.

At first you have to choose format you want to learn. There are plenty of SNG formats as well as MTTs:


Software will give you 15 placement questions to find out what your skill level is. The better answers you choose, the tougher questions you will get in your quiz, so please focus on them. Click on push or fold below each hand and then submit answer.


This is how the results in these placement questions and real quiz looks like. If your answer is green, it means you choose right answer based on ICM FGS. You can also see the ICM difference % below each hand and on what ranges it was calculated (so you can adjust in-game).



When you are done with these placement questions, you can exactly choose on what phase of tournament you want to focus. You can choose between push and call spots, what number of players are in (for example just bubble spots), what position you have and also stacksize. So you want to learn how to play perfectly with 5-10BBs on the bubble from SB when BTN shove! You can also see your ranking between all users who use this SNG COACH. If you have somewhere 1%, it means you are among top 1% of users in that situation!


So this is what I think it's the best and easiest way to learn ICM in any format. By practicing this quiz you can gain big advantage and if you are even able to adjust to opponent's shoving and calling range, I bet you will be able to crush any format. But what's the price of this software? Yearly subscription costs $159.99 (I really think you will get it back in your winnings even if you play lower stakes) or you can try it for one month for $29.99.




If you have any questions about ICMIZER2, ask in comments and I will try to help you.

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