How to increase your volume?

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
I made Supernova Elite status in last 2 years. First time from $150 in 8 months in 2012 (sorry for brag, I know you hear that many many times) and I had to earn 900k VPPs in last 3 months. Next year I thought it's going to be super easy but I still had to earn a lot of VPPs last 2-3 months because I was lazy. This year I want to avoid playing big volume last months so I was thinking how to do it and I want to share my tips for increasing your volume.

In January I earned about 100k VPPs even with the fact I played just 92 hours and I was thinking about putting big volume in February to go on 2M VPP pace. But when last month finished I was looking on my results and there was just 2k games in 50 hours and I had feeling like I was flipping burgers in McDonald for 24/7. Start of March wasn't really differend and in first half of March I played just 20 hours (how the hell you want to make 2M VPPs you lazy bastard?!?!?!).

Then I realized one important thing. All players who are going for Elite need to have some kind of routine. And I had it when I was going for SNE for first time and also last months of last year. So I decided to schedule my day/week and this is my plan how I want to increase my volume a lot:

I wake up at 6:30 and try to play at 7 am (I know it's not easy to do everything I want in 30mins but it's possible)

1,5-2 hour session (HS tables don't run so I play lower stakes and lower number of tables what is ok for start)

30 mins break (this is really important imo to track how long is your break because you have no idea how but it's easily 2 hours)

2-2,5 hour session (my brain is ready for longer session and few HS tables running so I earn more VPPs per hour)

It's about noon and I have 4 hours played and I have 1 hour for dinner

last 2 hour session

And I have time for things about TiltBook or other job and I have free afternoon. My son wake up at about 3pm (he doesn't play poker yet, but he sleep at noon) and I have time to be with him and girlfriend or for anything I want to do. This schedule is not for everyone. There are not a lot of players who have ability to wake up at 6:30 and play at 7 am and it's not the best time to grind if you want to make big amount of VPPs because high stakes tables run occasionally, but it's best for me. 

The most important things about this are: play longer sessions (until you feel you play your C-game, even B-game is imo acceptable), try to have as short breaks between sessions as possible and have playing days and free days. I forgot to mention I try to play more through weekends and have free Wednesday or Thursday. I hope I am able to make SNE before end of June (I have 230k VPPs atm) and make another SNE before end of November and take free December! Will update my challenge weekly here http://tiltbook.com/challenge/2m-vpps-in-2014/

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