I just reach $100k post rakeback winnings this year, fuck yeah

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Brag brag cool story brag numbers brag brag graph brag brag. This is summary of what you can expect in this blog, so if you are tired of my brags, don't open it!!!

This year is awesome in poker. I run like god, really. Last week I reached $100k post-rakeback winnings and this is achievement I was expecting a bit later, probably in September/October, really not in May. By the way, in 2012 when I started from the bottom at $1.50 stakes I won about $45k (rakeback included obv) and last year $110k after really hard grind last months finishing SNE on 30th December.

2014 is a bit different than last 2 years, in 2012 I just started in May and last year I had about 200k VPPs in that time. I told myself it would be bad decision to not take as much as possible from poker as it looks like I crush hypers (and poker in all) like never before so I play and study a lot. With 540k VPPs and insane hotrun in $500 games I am in TOP30 of sharkscope leaderboard with a bit more than $40k pre-rakeback winnings and it is way above my expectations.

Some numbers:

SNGs played: 17,332

Time played: 358.5 hours

Hourly: $310

Average buy-in: $184

My plans for rest of the year is to still work on my game and in summer decide if I will go for 2M VPPs or just for 1.5M, try to not lose much pre-rakeback, because huge downswing is probably coming and enjoy more real life (2-3 weeks of holiday in summer). Here is the reason why opened this blog, graphs. First in actual $ and second in buy-ins. 



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