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 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Alot of people want to hear a recipe, how to make big amount of money by playing online poker. When they ask me, they are interested in tournaments, SNG tournaments. Honestly I can say, that the biggest part of my winnings are thanks to paid softwares. One of them is ICMIZER.


The way I became winning player and keep improving is a combination of tracking softwares like Holdem Manager and program to analyze ICM decisions in ICMIZER. All that I learned (except postflop game) was thanks to those two.

This software costs $79.99 yearly, $14.99 monthly or you can try trial at first. It can make you thousands of dollars. It only depends on how much time you put into analyzing your SNG games or even MTT. But it‘s not easy as it looks like. If you downloaded and installed it by yourself, you would probably use it wrong at first, so here I give you some tips how to get the best from it.


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After installing (I believe all of you can do that), is important to set the „payout (3)“  structure right (I am using 6 max hyper turbos as example because I play them), after that copy your hand histories from PokerStars or Holdem Manager and click „load history from clipboard (1)“. The easiest way to use ICMIZER is for push/fold phase, so under 10bb game. Here you just have to press „calculate nash equilibrium (5)“ and it will show you optimal game and if you follow that, you will be at least breakeven (chip case, we don’t count rake).


If you don’t have any read on the player and you yourself is a new one, using this nash ranges will DEFINITELY put you closer to the right game instead of using yours. I setted up a random situation with 6 players and same stacks with blinds 30/60/a6, where you are on the cuttoff and no one entered the game before you, that is one of the easiest situation to analyze, but also very important, because you get often into it. After clicking „calculate (4)“ you will see a result at the right, where it shows you green marked hands, that you should go allin with.


With every hand you can see how much plus/minus decisions are. Those numbers shows EV Difference, that means a difference for example between EV fold and push. I personally think that everything over 0,5 is a big mistake (unless you have a read on player) and under 0,2 close decisions, where more or less it doesn’t matter, which decision you pick, because players behind you won‘t play nash ranges and the calculations are not correct.

In the start you can change ICM%EV on ICM$EV (2), where you set prizepool of tourney and you will see, how much dollars or cents you saved on each hand. Lets say you play $7 hyper turbo and folded A9o, ICMIZER will tell you that you are making a mistake for 60 cents (considering the buyin its a big mistake) and if you get to similar situation 130 and played it right, you’d save $80, which is the yearly price of this software.

Thats why I think that those softwares are really underrated. Same as coachings that I am going to talk about later.

Very interesting function is „charts (6)“, where lets say in situation where you are calling a shove from one of your opponent, you can see a graph that shows you how much you are winning/losing in specific range and see, that player on SB must push atleast 19% so you can make a profitable call on big blind with A9o.


Most important are situations, when you should use this software, is pushing and calling under 10BB, any situation on the bubble and also raise/call and 3bet shoves.

PS: By purchasing ICMIZER you are supporting not only me and TiltBook, but also the developers of ICMIZER, that will add new and new features and I can make even more. HAHAHA. Investment with IQ over 70 and willing to work with the software will payback really soon.


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