Im going to start blogging again

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Hi TB users, Im going to write some blogs with my GREAT english (2-3 times/month) about my results in poker and TiltBook. This first blog in this year will be about my downswing and reaching 10k milestone with TiltBook.

So after I finished my challenge I had to take off 3 weeks and then started to play something and study a lot. In december I realized my postflop game is too bad and I have to find coach. In that time phase89 wrote about bernardc and his great postflop skill so I contacted him and we made deal about 5 lessons (not really cheap coaching :) but its worth definitely!). Bernard is awesome player (his moves are really sick sometimes and his math skill in poker is 1000x better than mine) and his english was good to understand for me. He didnt give me any specific advice but its great to hear his thinking process. After we finished 5th lesson (maybe 10 hours total) I had feeling I can beat everyone :D but there are still a lot of regs at highstakes who have more experiences than me but Im on good way. 

Last two months I have great results with 3% ev roi (avg buy-in $100) after 5k games, winnings are still breakeven. I dont know how good is calculation of EV but I never had positive EV with good sample and this avg buy-in so I think that coaching could add me some %s to my ROI and if someone think about coaching, bernardc is good choice!

TiltBook had sick month, because we started with daily freerolls and website didnt work few minutes before start of tournament. At first I tought its because of our servers but after x days we realized its because of our database so trki had to fix this and work on framework version xx hours daily (he work on this version last 2 months). I hope this weekend he finally fix it and tiltbook will work again few minutes before 22:00 CET. If this update will work without some errors and trki take a break few days (i hope this number is not bigger than 2 :)) I want to start again on improving TiltBook and adding new features. 

At first I want to block spam on TiltBook so you will able to send messages just to your followers (people who want to read your statuses). This can stop spam messages like "send me pls 1 dollar". Then I want to update one more time our rank system to avoid users who post off topic pictures x-times daily to be in TOP10. I really appreciate every active users, but our rank should focus more on quality and not on quantity. When we update our rank, we will give option to our best users to suggest statuses to other users. Not following and most active will replace "suggested posts" from our best users. This will help to see quality posts from our community. 

Its great we have almost 10k users, but a lot of quality users is right its mostly freeroll players, but this is social network for all players and you can choose who to follow etc. Its my main goal to bring here as much good players as possible, but its much harder to bring here Isildur than players who want to play freerolls/want free money. I just think TiltBook is popular and its just matter of time when we will attract big names, be patient and help us with quality statuses/blogs! Thank you!

Goal to next month:

3k sngs

profit :)

3 blogs

Bring at least 5 top players to TiltBook

Reach 14k users next month

Be still happy in real life

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