Is going for SNE still challenge?

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
I made Supernova Elite status 3 years in row and online poker (especially 6max hypers) changed a lot during this time. SNE was really prestige, because if you wanted make it, you have to put big effort and a lot of hours. This year you can make SNE even if you work in McDonald and play $1ks in your spare time.

In 2012 when I was first time thinking about SNE there were $100 as the highest possible stakes at 6max hypers, I started in May and it still wasn't enough challenge for me so I made it from the lowest limits. It's fair to say I wouldn't do it without $200 stakes they added in last months of year.

In 2013 it looked much easier as I started in January (after few weeks break after sick challenge) and Stars added $300 and $500 stakes. Unfortunately I started with 100bi for $500s and had to cashout some reasonable amounts every month so I ended after huge downswing at $30s with almost no chance to make SNE so I took staking/coaching deal and had to play a lot till the end of year to make it as my deal started at $60-$100 and I had to play some amount of games to proof I am beating those stakes to move up.

Last year it finally was really easy and I wanted to go for 2M VPPs, but it somehow wasn't really big motivation for me so it ended with poor 31k games for the year to earn just 1M VPPs. I started to play $1ks at the end of year so since that I am making about 2-2,5k VPPs per hour and if I go for just 1M VPPs it will take me 400-500 hours or 20-25k sngs. 

Supernova Elite is challenge for players who doesn't play as high as I do, but I lack motivation at this point. I can do big things if I have big goal that looks almost impossible to make, but I have no motivation now. I created this blog for all of you that have some idea for some sick challenge that can motivate me to play way more (please just not volume only goals) and for all haters who are going to comment "I wish to have your problems". BTW my lack of motivation doesn't mean I am not playing at all, I already have 15,6k VPPs, but I want to make this year something special as last two years were "standard".

Good Luck everyone!

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