Is shabalinvlad even human?

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
A lot of players think absolute sicko in terms of earning VPPs and grind is Jorj95, but you probably have no idea who shabalinvlad is. This guy earned 4,5M VPPs last year what is record and even if I think I'm grinder I haven't even half of this amount lifetime (and we play same games). You don't need to think what is his nationality, he is Russian obv.

Last year PokerStars made challenge for the first Supernova Elite holder attractive and gave winner small bonus in terms of dollars, but big prestige. It was clear even at start winner will be from our games - 6max hypers (non-satellites) even with max buy-in $200. After few days/weeks PS introduced higher buy-ins hypers ($300 and $500) what gave them option to earn even more VPPs per hour and MouldyOnions beat AWice in this challenge by achieving SNE in 53 days. 

Both had big plans for 2013, MouldyOnions wanted to make 5 or 6 millions of VPPs and AWice said "It ain't cheese if it's less than a mil" and wanted to make $1M in rakeback = 8M VPPs!!! Both players earned about 2M VPPs for year and as it looked at start of year these plans were unreal.

But from somewhere in Russia came guy with nickname shabalinvlad who wasn't involved in this race at start of year, but everytime I wanted to play, he was at tables. Yes, it doesn't mean he was there all days long, because I didn't want to play that much last year, but it was still ridiculous to see him there all the time. With no plans announced at start of year he made 4,5M VPPs (after reaching 4M he played even more at the end of year to earn another 500k) and this year he is going for 7M VPPs and I believe he can do it. At the moment he have 900k VPPs btw.

Last year graph:


You can see how hard december was and his swings became much bigger, but he lost just $86k and received almost $500k !!! from PokerStars VIP program. To be honest, he is not genius in highstakes 6max hypers and is far away from top players, but I don't think any of this top players won even half of his winnings last year.

Some interesting stats:


Active days: 329

Av games per day when playing: 307

Most games per day: 757

I have no idea how many hours he played last year, but my guess is somewhere close to 1,5k hours as he plays a lot of tables and with 329 active days it is 4,5 hour per day when he play. This is the most interesting part of everything, everybody think he is not human or he have a lot of brothers, but even if he made it in 2k hours what equals to 6 hours per day with 36 free days, it is still achievable for a lot of grinders. But we are so lazy that we have X times more free days than 36 and when we play 2 hours per day we feel like working 24/7 in McDonald.

Shabalinvlad obv have my respect, because his attitude is awesome and he is my poker hero because he is not spewing his time like we all do, but takes poker as a regular job and it looks like he is not sitting at his computer when he doesn't play, but from our skype conversation he visited Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Ukraine and Cuba last year and like other Russians drink beer instead of using drugs. Unfortunately his english is even worse than mine (yes, it is possible) and I need someone who can do translation stuff for him to do AskThePRO here. So if someone can help me with that, we can have this beast in AskThePRO soon!

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