Movember is over and I'm finally out of make-up

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
That was two really hard months for me as I wanted to do SNE as soon as possible, but had a lot of things to do (iCollege, TiltBook, etc) and I'm still father and have girlfriend so I wasn't sure if I'm able to do it. It wasn't really just because of these things but the most important part was I was on big downswing and in the middle of november I lost my confidence and was thinking if I wasn't just on huge hotrun in summer but basically I'm losing money at HS games.

I don't really know how I managed to have 772k VPPs with that low volume (played just 20 days + 4 days with 1 hour lol, 126 hours in total and almost 7k sngs). Tables were tough last month but they will be much harder this month, reason why I lost my confidence was that I started to play with TOP regs in postflop play. It wasn't nothing special to have 3 guys like Pokerger1337, czechpepe, B3RTstare, mamafei, andyafc#1 or bernardc at tables and in summer my table selection consist from avoiding these guys and playing with almost any other reg (obv I had to have some fish or unknown, but I had to have more fishies when these guys were registered). 

It resulted to some buy-ins spewed postflop in first level, my redline went down and I was thinking about my play etc. Thx god (he sent me on huge downswing at the start of year) I'm in staking deal and $indabank + B3RTstare can answer my questions and give me my confidence back + give me tips for postflop play. I don't want to make wall of text, I know it's much better to have a wall of graphs/images so here they are :)

November graph - finally out of make up :)


Last week is really funny, I was allways talking about it doesn't matter how you run at lower stakes if you mix buy-ins and it's all about higher ones but last week was special. First graph is from $60-$200 stakes:


And second one is from highstakes $300-$500:


After looking on these graphs I find out I made it to sng leaderboard with nice $750 gift:


I know this blog is long already but I want to tell you something about TiltBook. I'm so proud this social network is going right way now. When I'm looking at what happened last month here, these facts are in my mind:

  • Sentin joined TiltBook and is posting really great stuff
  • ILS007 came back and is posting great stuff too
  • TheDrunklife and his videoblogs are pure gold
  • Buschapa posted his offer for HU challenge what bring us beasts like Frenzuh, andyafc or BBZ
  • Frenzuh recommended TiltBook to YugiohPro
  • We had 9k unique visitors
  • We don't have just one big community (Czech/Slovak) but also a lot of users/visitors from United Kingdom
  • A lot of quality posts from our 33 TiltBook Elite users

Thx to everyone who is posting or watching daily/weekly on TiltBook. If you think TiltBook is cool, recommend it to your poker friends and help us to grow faster please. It's better if I can read something new after every refresh (its about every 10mins or something :D). GL to everyone in regfestember and I really looking forward to your blogs!

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