Postflop play in 6max hypers

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There was long time since my last blog about 6max hyper turbo strategy, because of few factors. At first I'm still at 846k VPPs and need to finish SNE and postflop play is the worst part of my game. I was thinking for a long time how to explain it good and I think I find way how to do it.

There are two areas of postflo play: when you are the aggressor and when you play against the aggressor.

You should try to play as much as the aggressor as possible and avoid situations against the aggressor. This applies to lowstakes mostly as all of my strategies, because players at lowstakes are mostly not opening wide so you don't need to protect your big blind and they are calling too wide on big blind and making stupid mistakes postflop (as I do at highstakes). 

Bet half of the pot

If you minraise at t20 and big blind calls you, pot is 40+40+10+6 = 96. Big blind mostly checks and you should bet in 3 scenarios and allways half of the pot = 48 in this spot. First is when you hit strong hand and you want to gain as much value as possible (please don't try to slowplay monster hands postflop vs microstakes donkeys, please don't do it), second if you have nothing but it's really small chance your opponent hit something (flop AA2, A73 or K64) and if you hit strong draw (flush draw, open ended straight draw, double gutshot). You should avoid any other form of bluffs as main leak of microstakes donks is calling too wide postflop. Never bluff donkey because....you know what I mean.

Turn play

What to do if we bet on flop and donkey calls? If you have still strong hand bet again half of the pot (pot is 192 so bet 96), if you have something but not really good hand asi 2nd pair with weak kicker or something like that, it's better to check and see river. If you decided to bluff flop like AA2 and opponent calls you, it's best time to give up hand. And finally if you bet flop with strong draw and turn didn't complete your hand, just take free card and look at river for free.

River play in hypers? WTF?

River is too easy, bet if you think opponent can calls you with a worse hands. For example you have AA and board is 2247J, you should definitely bet (shove is best betsizing because you have less than potsize left) as there is a lot of hands which can call you like Jx, 7x, etc, but on board QJT86 you maybe can have value from Qx, but there is way more hands which beat you and you should look at showdown for free.

What the f*** do if I'm not aggressor?

You can close table, turn off internet/PC, run to your room and cry like a little girl or follow this strategy. Try to check/call just with monster hands (two pairs/set and better with no flush draw possible) and flush draw/straight draw to give him chance to make mistake with air on the turn. With hands like top pair, pair + flush draw or monsters on drawy board like JT8 or KJ7 with flush draw I like check/raise with like 3/4 pot left for the turn shove.

This is far away from best strategy for postflop play, but it's really easy to remember, you avoid really hard spots and you will probably not spew as much chips as you did until you read this article :)

Next part will be much better as I like to read about something I'm good in :) And if you like this article, please like it or tweet it (I'm attention whore and I would like to talk to my kids in 40 years how popular I was).

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