September summary

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Im here with another month summary, plan was to make 200k vpps and big amount of dollars, because b3rtstare (my staker) surely lost disgusting amount in WCOOP satties. We (me, girlfriend and my son) was moving to new appartment and I had to have my new office.

But my plans didnt realize, because at first moving to new appartment wasnt that easy as I thought. We spend 3-4 days moving all thing to new one and I was waiting on internet connection another week so I had just 20 days for grind. But it wasnt the biggest problem, I was suprisingly lazy and had a lot of things to do. I earned just 56k vpps, but thanx to my solid heater I won like $25k anyway (graphs below). 

ATM i have just less than 500k vpps so I have to start play hard and make some plan. I made deal with stakers about playing more reg infested games (i played just games with avg 2 fish) because my vpp count per hour was just 1k and I would need to play more than 500 hours next months. I think playing just 1 fish game with limited number of 60s can double my vpp count per hour and I could be SNE before 1st december, because I dont want to play in that regfest (maybe something between christmas and end of year). 

And here are graphs! First one from september


Second one for this year



In my $250k challenge Im at $90k, what do you think about my chances? :P

October goals:

250k VPPs

$70k profit

1k new tiltbook users

50 tiltbook elite users


BTW, its one week to 1st tiltbook anniversary and you can looking forward to huge promotions!

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