Some graphs

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Last month i run pretty bad, games are more tough, number of hours/tables increased and I am really tired, but I still think my resulst should be much better. Thats the reason of this crying blog.

28,5k down this month with ev at -7,5k (-0,7% ev roi). 

this month

Graph after 01/11/2012, down 34k, ev at -15k (-0,5 ev roi)


$100s all time graph, down 5,7k and ev at +7,5k (+0,6% ev roi)


$200s all time graph, down 40k and ev at -17k (-0,7%)




Im going to grind a lot today, monday is the best day and my target for today is 15k vpps. Wish me luck!

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