TiltBook reached 20k registered users, how many of them are active?

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
When someone talks about poker social network TiltBook.com and number of registered members, there are allways comments like "Those accounts are fake" or "just small % of them visit TiltBook more than once in a life". That's definitely not true and I would like to show you some numbers!

I started TiltBook in October 2012, because I wanted place to brag about my challenge to SNE from $150 as stakes I was playing was too high to post about it on facebook and I also wanted to gain something from my challenge and thought it would bring so many users to visit site to check how I am doing. Start was really quick and it was growing so fast, but then I made so many mistakes. Focusing on increasing number of registered users by creating freerolls, terrible cash-flow, not improving my skill in creating community/website/business and 6 months of growing was replaced by 1 year of breakeven period (maybe we were even losing some active users). But in that time I decided to focus on the biggest grinders/winning players and was improving my skills as much as possible. I also started to look on TiltBook through statistics like I do in poker and I think it was good plan. But it is important to say TiltBook is not my full-time job, more like a part-time and hobby so I think improvements in last year are great with number of mistakes I made.

If we look at last 12 months of TiltBook, quality of content is really great imo. TiltBook became community of awesome online poker players, source of hilarious poker related jokes and motivation for thousands of visitors we have, because they can watch our top users posting about nosebleed stakes they play and epic graphs they post. Because I am 6max hyper turbo grinder it was easier to bring similar players here, that's why you can see jdawg91 (one of the very first registered users here!!!) posting graphs from 6max hyper turbo satellites with buy-ins up to $3,502! You can also watch wtfgmon turning $280k loss to breakeven pre-rakeback (shitloads of money post rakeback) and moving up to $5,000 6max turbos or czechpepe playing $1k 6max hypers and moving to $2,000 6max turbos (he is close to SNE this year). You can see Buschapa's CRAZY swing from $60k pre-rakeback profit to breakeven while running like s***, steady winnings by legen wait for it dary bigstealer or liay5 who became PokerStars Team Online PRO. There were about 50 Supernova Elites bragging about their status in December last year, obviously most of them from 6max hypers. You would be surprices how many sickos/legends from this format is registered here and visit the site.

I am happy that we are not just community of 6max hyper turbo players, but we have some cash game beasts. We are allways promoting Epiphany77, but his run is just epic. Turning $15 to $1M in less than two years is awesome and awesome are his posts. I really hate motivational videos, because I think if you are not motivated enough, some guy in video talking bulls*** can't motivate you. But those posts from him or another CG beast magorko are what motivates me to become better and better. Their 6 digits graphs and epic sessions are something I can watch all days long and then start work even harder on my game. Charlie is also successful in MTTs and his 5th place in EPT highroller or score in Sunday500 and GoToCashier's $270k score from WCOOP or $100k from Super Tuesday is proof we have great MTT players here. 

There are so many successful players winning thousands of dollars monthly I can't name them all here. But there are also a lot of micro/low stakes players posting interesting graphs/hands. I am so proud when I open TiltBook every morning and see another successes from our users. And there is still something I like more than brag and it's fun and post from Scarmaker, alficor1 or pokerlife2k9 and many many others make me smile (or give me cancer, right alficor?). I could write another wall of text about how funny/brag statuses are here, but you can check them here http://tiltbook.com/top-posts/

I promised you some numbers so here are some basic stats from Google Analytics for last 30 days, as you can see number of users is really big and it just show your statement about how nobody visits TiltBook or we have fake accounts is just not true. But number of users in Google Analytics is not accurate as it count you twice if you visit us through mobile and desktop, but 10 visits per day from same desktop counts just as 1 user. Anyway 19k users in 30 days and just 13% of them are new visitors (other are returning) is great imo.

tiltbook visits stats

If we compare these numbers with same period year ago, we can see we double up number of sessions and number of users increased by 150%. The only stat that decreased is avg session duration and the reason is we have more new visitors and not logged visitors who check some interesting post/blog, etc that is posted somewhere, but because we suck at the moment at converting these visitors to registrations/logis (if they are already registered) they leave TiltBook after few pages visited (because they don't see the most interesting part of TiltBook /home and /home/suggested).

tiltbook visits staty 

Number of visits by Countries:

number of visits countries tiltbook

I also have some internal data that are also pretty interesting:

Number of comments last year: 71826

Number of statuses last year: 36068

Number of suggested statuses last year: 7211

Number of users who posted at least one status lifetime: 8182

And now funny part begins :)

TOP10 users with the most logins last year (how the f*** I am not first?):

1. urvutiburvu

2. inNatura

3. dezho

4. whaddupG666

5. xXromMmeoXx

6. TROJAN6969

7. MartinAltman

8. dpero87

9. chio11

10. masuronike

Number of statuses posted last year:

1. masuronike

2. DajMiCibulu

3. ChoboPokeR_r

4. Sarmaker

5. sposimgood

6. slobaks

7. exculibrus

8. yousef

9. bakosboti

10. Taska85

Top 10 users with the most comments last year:

1. final

2. Scarmaker

3. DajMiCibulu

4. masuronike

5. urvutiburvu

6. MartinsTT

7. ChoboPokeR_r

8. coctaine

9. gigi23

10. slobaks


I hope you like these stats and my blog and I would like to say something about my plans with TiltBook for future. I want to focus on two things I mentioned at start. Motivation and fun. Last year one of visitors contacted me that he want to help me with UX and last months he is working on better user experience. So there will be complete redesign of TiltBook in next months (you can see new logo at the top of the blog), but it is not just because we like one button more than another or some color is not our most favorite. Every change that happen will be to help you to use TiltBook easier, discover the most quality content easier, find users you can know, much better and more exciting challenges/groups, better mobile version and app (it can't be worse :P) and converting more visitors to active members. Special thx to Trki, who is working on TiltBook part-time as well (sick job), Scarmaker for his awesome newsletters and statuses (you can expect weekly funny blogs about what happened on TiltBook), Seda16 for managing our fanpage and twitter and 7influenza7 for his work on better UX. If we look at plans in terms of number, I would like to double up everything for the rest of year (number of statuses, logged in users, new registered members, visits, etc). 

If you like TiltBook like I do please tell about it to your poker friends and help me to make bigger community so my statuses gain more likes and I will beat ILS007 in top posts :) 

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