What is my biggest motivation in poker?

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I would say that most of players started playing poker, because they saw some guy win huge amount of money. But is feeling to have a lot of money and be rich my motivation? Or am I watching some motivational videos where some guy is talking to me that I should work hard?

No, my main motivation is to be the best. I am pretty competitive. When I was teenager I was playing football (nothing special) and when parents bought me computer, my most favorite game was Football Manager. But I didn't like to play for Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid or something else. I allways picked some team from the lowest league and my plan was to make it to the top. At that time I knew I want to make something with money, but didn't know what exactly.

Then I discovered poker at school and from start I was just trying to win some small money in freerolls and through no-deposit bonuses/bankrolls and cashout it, because I wasn't from rich family. I didn't know or had any contact on someone who is really crushing games and achieved something big. Those guys from TV shows looked completely different then I was.

But then it happened. I found my motivation. We were watching some coaching video from Joeik at pokergamers.cz (dead forum for years), probably the first quality coaching video in our language, where he played NL50 FR. He was regularly playing higher stakes, but as we were watching that video, he had to rebuy and when we saw how much have that young guy, similar to us, maybe with similar story, in cashier, we almost fell from chair. $35k!!! I said what the fuck?!?!?! This young guy won that much money? And he is playing some highstakes cash games, not working in real job and winning so much money? How is that possible? 

It was moment when I said to myself I have to become professional player and was doing my best and work really hard to go as high in stakes and skill level as possible. I also discovered a lot of players who I didn't know before and they wasn't even from my country. They were playing some micro/lowstakes and it motivated me so much when I saw how they are going up, what are they trying to achieve, how much they work on the game. When I look back, I see a lot of successful people, who was back in the time same as I was - some random students from average Czech/Slovak family. I would mention few of the microstakes players that was helping me with my game/motivation and I can thanks them for where I am now, I bet most of the CZ/SK community will recognize them - phase89, hownorez, marek_heinz, rounder, jackharness, czlol, Roy4lPl4yoR, etc.

But I am already at high skill level and playing some high stakes in my format. Easy guys, I am not talking I am best yet, I just compared it to old masuronike, poor guy from Slovakia making some small money with leaflets. So what motivates me now? Two things. First is freedom. Poker is giving me significant freedom. I am my own boss, making solid amount of money, what gives me a lot of time and freedom. I am scared I will need to work in regular job in future and I am trying to do everything I can to avoid it, because I want to enjoy this freedom as long as possible.

But that's not enough for me, I need to be the best. Who is my role model now? It is not Joeik anymore (I don't even know what happened with him), but I am so happy I am running TiltBook, because some beasts here are my motivation. Yegon once said great quote (hope I remember it right) that great thing for ego is to be surrounded by more successful people like you are. That's what is happening on TiltBook and it is not just good as prevention to not become some egomaniac, but also for motivation. Nothing can motivates me more than guys like epiphany77, who made way more than $1 million from $15 in 2 years or so, or jdawg91 / wtfgmon who are posting insane graphs, or razvanel1987 who is crushing HU hypers and putting insane volume there what results in tens of thousands of dollars monthly, guys like czechpepe / bigstealer, who are unfortunately not posting that much, but they do from time to time and I know how much they work. 

This is my motivation. I would probably never achieve things if I wouldn't be in some poker community, trying to become the best and compete with them. This article is not just as promotion to TiltBook that it's the best thing. No matter in what community you are, if you are looking for motivation, find some community with more successful players and if you are the best, find community with the second best player so you have motivation to still work. We at Tiltbook are going to change this poker social network in next months to completely different level where we will focus on motivation for other players. Expect some good things.

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