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I wanted to make blog on 25th June, but I was so lazy last month I didn't managed to do that. It was exactly 1 year since I accepted veeeery long staking/coaching deal because I was busto and some things changed so I would like to recap last 12 monhts.

Where I was? I was busto. I mean BUSTO. I wrote about it in my recap of last year that I invested A LOT of money to TiltBook because of imaginary option to sell it instantly and my downswing was so big I had to move down from $500 to $30. I missed 2 months of SNE requirements (50k VPPs per month) so I had to earn at least 50k VPPs every single month until the end of last year. Unfortunately on 25th June 2013 I had about 20k VPPs for the month and had to earn another 30k with small bankroll for $30 games (impossible).

I had no chance but accept very long staking/coaching deal that allowed me to play $60/$100 for the rest of month to finish this 50k VPPs requirement and start adding $200s after first week or so. With few advices on what part of game I should focus and where are my biggest leaks I start winning solid money. I can't say my EV was falling down before this deal, after coaching with bernardc I improved my postflop skill and redline was going into positive numbers, but I was huge amount below EV. These advices helped me to increase my EV, decrease variance and after maybe one month I could add some soft $300 and $500 games! In these games it is really important to not lose vs regs you play and without them I wouldn't be able to be profitable in these HS games with more than 2 regs.

Since that I had one big hotrun in summer then a little bit longer downswing where I was again breakeven with SNE rakeback for a longer time and reached 1k buy-ins below EV since I started playing hypers at $1.50 stakes back in 2012. Fortunately, massive (and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE!!!) hotrun came and I won for me ridiculous amount of money and I already think about buy-ing flat here (4bedrooms for $50k here, but we think about moving to other city).

Here is my sharkscope graph with rakeback:


note that "just" something more than half is mine because of my deal

What is the point of this blog? Yes, another brag. But I would like to motivate all TiltBook users playing/winning less than I do at the moment. I remember how I with my friend "liketonyg" made screenshot from video of Joeik (the best cash game player on pokergamers, the first forum I visited) where he had $30k in cashier and we were like "oh, I want to be like him one time". These HS players posting graphs/hands allways motivated me to work on my game and play hard. Just work hard and in 12 months you can post blog like this (and maybe I will post blog about being busto playing $1ks lol). Good luck all!

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