2013 sum up

Another of end-of-the-year poker sum-ups :)

This year was the most interesting one in terms of poker - I finally found the right path of developing myself as a player. I started the year with a very ambititous idea of turning 150 bucks into 10000. Unfortunately, this was not achieved as I spent most of the time learning the formats than making a lot of money in them + I was a bit undisciplined when it comes to staying with a format so profit-wise I only came somewhere in the first 5th of that goal.

I started with 9man KOs, but   in March I ventured more into the world of MTTs and MTSnGs. I was doing pretty well in these

45s (from 0.5, 3.5 and 7)

180 (2.5)

MTTs (only a few)

in August I came to Japan for 4 months for my exchange semester and as a result if time difference, my volume dropped - 180s and 45s were loading slowly + my duties in school did not really enable me to grind long sessions (or even if I wanted to, after school I just didn't like the prospect of being stuck in front of PC for at least three hours to have at least semi decent volume). However I kept playing them until the beginning if December when I started looking for something where it is possible to put in some volume even if there is not that much time per day, or where I am able to split the sessions into shorter segments. After thinking about cash games/6 max hypers or HU hypers I decided for the last one (as some of you might have already read in my previous blog post). My game still needs to improve a lot as I believe I have many spots where I'm losing money by playing suboptimal but I believe I'm on the right track + I am motivated to study hard. Here are my results so far (3.5s and 7s)

So that would be a quick sum up, won't be playing much till the end of the year-traveling to Tokyo in two days, spending my last two days of my Japanese adventure there and then going home where I will spend much if the time with friends and family.

For 2014 I hope to become a good Hyper HU player, move up the stakes as quickly as possible and not lose my poker motivations. I also want to become really disciplined and stay with the format I have chosen.

Wish only the best of luck and as small amount of bad variance as possible for you in 2014! Enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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