Discipline is the key

how important discipline is and how mental state affect the game too much

Hi guys


I hope everything is going well for all of you.

So as some of you might have read from my statuses on the wall, I screwed up the end of January as much as I could. It wasn't really because I would not be able to beat the guys at 7s...but my mind was just soooo off the poker and until I realized I should stop playing, I was down some 25 BIs because of calling where I should have not or being too scared where I should have been more aggressive.

Then I decided to take some break, regain confidence and focus and since then, I had quite a good month. I started two tabling at 7s and then built my bankroll up till the limit where I wanted to take my shot at 15s few hours ago. Then I dropped back to 1 tabling 15s till I get feel for the opponents there and so far they don't seem that different from those on 7s. My session was quite successful + today I won more flips then I have lost (together with some nasty suckouts, sorry guys who were victims to those) so I was running slightly above EV.

This is my graph so far for this month, hope to keep that up and not do anything stupid like I did last month. I also plan to study some math aspects of HUs with coffeeyay's math pack.

Hope you will be doing at least as good as me (in terms of buy ins for those playing much higher :D).

Have a good day :)

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