Journey to HU Hypers

So after some months in MT SnGs I decided to try out a different format - this is mainly for time reasons as my duties don't really allow me to be able to grind the long sessions required to put enough volume for 45s and 180s. Welcome to my journey :)

Hey guys

So as you can read in the description this month I have decided to give HU Hypers a try. I started rereading Mersenneary's  ebook, which contains a lot of valuable information and I believe it's not the last time I'm reading it as some info feels a bit advanced for me. Then I decided to buy Sentin's videopack from husng.com - after watching it I believe it's a great pack for anyone who is starting on micro and low stakes in HUs. There were a lot of a-ha! moments for me while watching it plus thanks to it I rediscovered the basics of handreading and postflop play which I had problems with in the past.

So far the grind was going pretty well. Especially on 3.50s I got on a bit of heater:

3.5 hypers

In 7s, it was more of a rollercoaster ride so far

7 Hypers

For BRM I used an approach suggested by Mersenneary in one of the video responses in husng.com forums - taking shot on higher limit when having 40 buy-ins and moving down after dropping below 35 buy-ins. In the first days I was constantly moving as I was doing really well in 3.50s and then losing it on 7s. Now I'm somewhere around 60 BIs for 7s so hopefully there won't be any doomswitch that would cause me to go down again.

I will try to post at least semi-regular updates about the progress I'm making and hopefully I will manage to move up the limits quite fast. The ultimate goal would be to get to 100s in the first half of 2014 buuut...I guess that might be a too ambitious goal.

Good luck at the tables guys and I appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have! :)

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