My journey to 100s has begun (or, did it?)

Not a nice start of the year but...

...well what can I do. First of all I was declined from husng staking program, which I really wanted to be a part of but based on the assignment they gave me, so far my understanding of hypers doesn't match the level for which they are searching in the program.

Secondly, during the holidays I was hoping for fishes at my tables, which was true. Unfortunately I didn't really manage to gain profits. The worst was a session of rematches against one guy - I knew I can beat him but I have made a serie of horrible mistakes which have cost me quite a few buy ins. My graph for last 6 days looks something like this

since new year's

From the chip graph I can see I lose too much chips in showdowns so even if I manage to gain a lot from the guys on low stakes by being aggresive and forcing them to fold, at the end of the day I lose it all in SDs...one of the leaks to fix immediately


Definitely not happy with the results so far but I hope I will manage to fix my leaks as soon as possible, otherwise I won't be able to even come close to my goal for 2014.

(Also hope for a nice result in some Sunday Million I will play with the ticket I have won in December blog competition haha)

GL at the tables


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