A short guide on how to start affiliate marketing in poker

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Short guide with useful tips on how to start affiliate marketing


Most important thing in affiliate marketing

Before we go on, there is something you must keep in mind. Yes, poker is a multi-billion dollar business and there is a niche for everybody. But it also evolves every day. You like anyone else must react quickly. 

The good news is that this this applies only when you are set up and have at least several clients that you don’t want to lose.

The best place to start 

Best place to start is always – the beginning. Think about your main goals in affiliate marketing.

Why are you doing this?  How much time and money can you invest? Write these things down. Let them rest for a while in a drawer and review them again. Maybe show it a friend or a relative. Once you are  sure about your reasoning and goals, you are less likely to run short on determination to continue.  

Done already? Good work! Let’s move onto find some clients for your business.

How to find clients for your affiliate marketing?   

You will notice that you can choose between two types of affiliate deals: CPA and Revenue Share. Truth be told, whatever your goal is, it is probably the best you tried both of them. Here is a short explanation of both:

• CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is an affiliate payment structure when you earn one-time payments for an action completed by a player you referred. It may be an amount of points collected, a minimum deposit, etc. You can earn from $80 to $200 per player.

• Revenue Share (aka Gross Revenue) is your monthly share you get based on how much does your player rake. A payment structure best suits advanced players at stakes 0.20/0.50 – 0.50/1.00 and above because even low-volume players can easily rake a few hundred dollars and more per month (generating a steady $100+ for you).  

In order to find clients you have so start with a basic business strategy. What can you do FOR your clients? Maybe you can coach them, record training sessions, maybe write a strategy blog? Think about any of your friends that might be interested in starting playing poker? 

Also, incentives are a very good way to find new clients. Yes, your poker players get all the benefits from the poker site. But you can offer to add $20 for making a deposit or give them back a share (like 5%) of rakeback. This still leaves you a big share and you also keep your players more motivated to keep playing.

One thing we can promise is that small gifts to your players will have a tremendous impact.

Keep in mind that this is only a short, introductory guide for beginners that are thinking about earning a living via affiliate marketing. 

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