1st blog entry: introduction

 photo meisterlampe459: fat & ugly, low skilled sng donk, age: grandpa, no hobbies (nerd), hate my life,
BR building: climbing the limits

hi boys and girls

my name is gernot from austria. i am a sng donkey, and this is a blog experiment where hopefully i'm writing consistent updates.

Although i am a grandpa in the late twenties, i wanna try to rebuild my BR again, since i managed to go broke due to my laziness.

i am in the clintlosch sng group with lots of capable guys who help with my hands. ty for that: for example
jamie, tomodak, lisapisa, clint^^
its really essential to discuss and exchange with others to improve. it was a good decision to join there.

i had some success at ongame back then playing 1-table sng, played quite high (up to 100$). my icm was good, but my postflop skills were non-existent^^
but because ongame was a donkfestival, it was possible to make a profit.

i had a 15k roll, but if you dont play (lack in motiavtion) and constantly cashout it should be clear for most (except me) that this doesn't last forever^^

i played staked for 9 months, but eventually my staker got upset because of my low volume: and the deal did end / is paused for now.
so i play with my own little roll now.

i like to study (videos, discussions, post /ask hands , work with icm-programs etc) and was never really a heavy grinder.

by reporting with this blog i wanna record my progress. and build a solid BR again.

i start with about 600$ BR and playing up to 15$. (1-table games)

main goals is to

1) follow a grinding+studying schedule.

2) reach minimum games /month. no more excuses (at least 1k games a month).

3) going regularly to gym (at least 2x a week)

4) find a couple of studymembers for daily hand discussing, who are online daily (just shoot me in skype or pm^^)

5) finding a game format and stick to that. i switched a lot. ongame had just fullring or dons. on stars i played everything. 180s, 45s, fifty50. 9man,6max, 18mans,
knockouts, hypers hu, 6max and 9max, LOL  .  u cant get good with such an approach -.-

this is it for now, i'm happy for any follower or comments, questions.

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