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I'm writing here today to tell you about a new form of currency and a new way to play poker.

I'm guessing everyone reading this already knows Poker. But I'm sure alot of you don't know what Bitcoin is. So... What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer-2-peer digital currency. There was always problems transfering money on internet in the past. What prevents you from coping that money and sending it to multiple people at the same time? Nothing... Now Bitcoin solved that problem for online exchange. 

This problem was solved by the blockchain. Which is 1 file shared by everyone who mines and uses bitcoin. The blockchain is verified by the network making sure everything is in order. Every transaction is recorded and keep track of. There will only be 21,000,000 bitcoin in existance and right now there is just over 14,000,000. 1 bitcoin can be broken down too... 0.00000001 that's where the high value just makes you need to spend less of it. So currently right now 1 bitcoin is selling for 240$ USD. and is becoming widely accepted around the world.

Now why play poker with Bitcoin? Well it's cheap... I play on http://SWCPOKER.EU (download the software, use "MiloWolf" under affiliate code). I don't need to add personal information just create a username and password. send some bitcoin and there we go... Now remember when I said it was Cheap, and how it can be broken down? Well on SWCPOKER 1 Bitcoin is equal to 1000 chips. So, 0.001 is equal to one chip, and 0.00001 is equal to 0.01 chips. You can join tables and play with a minimum buying of 0.40 chips playing 0.01/0.02 chip blinds.

What else makes it better? Well you pay less rake on SWCPOKER than you would on other mainstream sites. Bitcoin isn't "Legal Tender" so it is not illegal to gamble with. The future price could be up way higher. 

Let's say you start today and 1 chip cost you 0.30$USD then the price goes up to 1000$ per bitcoin well your chip is now worth 1$ and if it were to go up more than that your money still grows. It's an extra gamble when you buy and sell your bitcoin.

If you would like to know more about Bitcoin and SWCPOKER come to my website I made to help people get started. I show you how to get bitcoin for FREE, and also how to buy/sell them. 


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