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Recently Bovada announced that they would now Accept Bitcoin for deposit. But if you are paying in bitcoin why not just play with your bitcoin?

I've been playing on SealsWithClubs now on SWCPoker.eu as MiloWolf. Where it's convinient to deposit/withdrawl and play with bitcoin as the currency it is.

SWC has been around for along time now witha steady 200 players online at a time. I'm talking about this because I would like to see them grow as well as bitcoin it self. Convinience is playing with bitcoin is that 1 chip on SWC is 0.001BTC worth less than 1$ each at current market value. Bitcoin is on the rise again. It may surpass it's all time high and climb up even higher soon. As more people are investing and talking about it.

So why not take the extra gamble and buy bitcoin that could be worth more in the long run and you have a chance of winning more value playing poker.

Buy bitcoin using Coinbase

Play Poker with Bitcoin on SWCPoker.eu or even Betcoin.ag

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