SwCPoker Krillrolls

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I've been playing on SwCPoker for a couple months now. Tourneys are my game.

Krillrolls are freerolls for members who collect enough Krill to qualify. When you join SwCPoker.eu you strat at 0 krill but you can build up Krill pretty quickly especially if you play before the 7th of July where you can earn 3x the krill. Don't worry if you miss the 3x Krill. These promotions can happen again.

Krill Explanation

Earn Krill every time you are dealt in to a raked hand. Each player dealt in to a raked ring game hand will receive Krill based on the following calculation: √(rake) multiplied by (5 / players dealt) then multiplied by any other bonus factor currently in effect and finally rounded down to the nearest tenth of a Krill.

Benefits of earning Krill

Wave 14 10,000,000 krill 50% Rakeback GrandMasterSeal
Wave 13 5,000,000 krill 47% Rakeback Iconic Seal
Wave 12 2,000,000 krill 45% Rakeback Sage Seal
Wave 11 1,000,000 krill 42% Rakeback Baller Seal
Wave 10 500,000 krill 38% Rakeback Shrewd Seal
Wave 9 200,000 krill 33% Rakeback Boss Seal
Wave 8 100,000 krill 27% Rakeback Cunning Seal
Wave 7 50,000 krill 19% Rakeback Sly Seal
Wave 6 20,000 krill 11% Rakeback Journeyman Seal
Wave 5 10,000 krill 5% Rakeback Tricky Seal
Wave 4 5,000 krill 2% Rakeback Adult Seal
Wave 3 2,500 krill 1% Rakeback Daring Seal
Wave 2 1,250 krill Freeroll Baby Seal
Wave 1 500 krill Chairman’s Nod Floundering Seal

Now here is the most exciting thing and why I think you guys should consider buying bitcoin today and play with us on SwCPoker.euKrill Tourneys

If you look at the top 7  tourneys they are freerolls for people who have enough krill to qualify. If your a good Tourney player you can enter these tourneys for chance to win Bitcoins. 5k Krill for 1 Bitcoin and 150K krill for 5 Bitcoin.

If you look at the price of bitcoin it is also starting to rise again. Buy now and gamble to cash out at higher prices and cheaper krill and games. 1000 chips = 1 bitcoin each chip was worth a dollor once before, and can be worth it or more again.

Also legal to play for US Players since you don't use USD when depositing and withdrawling from SwC Poker.


Come on guys come join the fun. 

Remember to use MiloWolf in the affiliate code and Thank You.

I might even send you some chips to get started or from rakeback.

Bonus check out the Krill race. For chance to win a free hat and chips. https://swcpoker.eu/krill-leaderboard/

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