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Bit about me and what I aim to achieve .........



So its all well and good joining TiltBook to see if i can leach some added tips and tricks to my game but its also polite to introduce yourself, so in killing two birds with one stone I guess I should start a blog to say whats up and also log my progress. 


Im 30 from Trowbridge Wiltshire, UK. Origionally from Birkenhead just outside Liverpool. Have had 100s of jobs in my life time as i have generally been a bit of a floater and I get bored extremely quickly if its not of my interest.


Currently I am a Milkman earning my bills and run my own home and car and I am also a part time Forex Trader (if you dont know what that its look it up). I have traded the Forex Market for around 4 years and have a Youtube channel with a few videos and would class my self as a semi pro Technical Analyst. my trading bankroll is extra pocket money at present and I wouldnt want to rely on the markets in an economic climate like today. 

I am a single dad to an 8 year old who is my world and I in all honesty would like to give him everything he wishes in life, both as support and financially.

I am able to so but as they say, I want to make my steady BIGGER. 

Poker and Forex are the only two subjects in life that have caught my attention and kept it constanty. However I have not yet become a reasonable Poker player on a regular basis.


Yes, I can play...... recreationally ...... but professinally is another matter. Hence, why I am soaking up everything I caqqn about Poker and playing as much as I can. 

I have only played small stake MTTs between £0.55-£4.40 and cashed a few times but notyhing big enough to bring my ROI into the green. 

Its fairly obvious that there is so many people making an awful lot of money in Poker and THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE. I will accept nothing less, and the way that I am, I will keep going until I an at least some sort of success and can play with some extra pocket money. I know I have said I have had 100s of jobs and this is because I was and still am not happy in the night shift rota at work. lol I want my freedom and I am willing to fight for it. 

 tend not to drink anymore.

I have come through a few years of hard times which can only be blamed on myself and actions you learn to acceot who you are and I believe I am a better person for it and i 100% learnt some valuble lessons and the value of money. 

On terms of my blog, you will probably see some wild mistakes that I have made etc, but i think if im able to post it to a social scene publicly it kind of shames me into doing BETTER! 

Love what is going on here. I can see so many success stories right before my eyes. I hope to join you on that cloud soon. 

I will post some results and hands soon. Thanks :) 



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