Hi Poker fans!!!!


Hi my name is Jozef.

You can found me on the PS or FTP aka NeododovicUK. I am Slovak living in England and I play poker for several years, nearly recreation. Active him started playing in August last year.

I am focused on the PS (status - SilverStar):
MTT ($ 2.20 - $ 4.40 Super KO progressive, Big & Hot and SundayStorm), from 27 to 180 SNG player ($ 5 progressive super KO is my favorite) and finally cash (zoom). I have some small successes and few wins on $ 5 KO. My biggest success is about $ 27 Hyper turbo - 1st place ($ 1,491.18).

I have long considering whether or not to participate in the blog and write something about myself. I almost self-taught. 

 In particular, I want to imagine make friends with whom we could help each other, seek advice and assistance.

 I hope find some great people with whom I will be able to talk about things playing poker connections.

Good luck !!!!!
Jozef aka NeododovicUK

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