Life of SNG grinder (part-time)*NitRubenPT

 photo nirrubenpt: Portuguese SnG poker player
I've got a stacking/coaching by Team Ducks and I'm a SNG grinder. With this blog I'il share some thinks, thing and ask of my decisions and hope be ever better. Sorry for my english.

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Hi, actualy I don't playing so many sits cuz' I will start play 18 and 27 man's regular speed sit and go.

Is a new adventure in my game cuz' I'm not well to play many flop's.

I will try refresh my blog every weeks and if I have time 2-3/week.

----------------------------So close for first test------------------------

Points: Have 11bbs before mini-raise=9bbs;

Sittout has 4bbs;

I folded after him 3-bet shove for ICM respect but on review I find the conclusion:

If I have calling station on my left I do shove OR If have a good reg mini-raise, call.

ICM not important on this spot.



-We seen on tables ;)

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