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Week 2+3, Recap + Plans

Hello Community!


Sorry for a little delay guys, had a lot of activities to do. So here are recap of last two weeks and plans for the following month.

We were at our home town with families. Spend quality time resting, doing other activities then we are used to and it was fun!

About poker we don’t want to talk about results – not because they are not worth it but again it’s not the important thing to focus on. We both will post graph at the end of the month.

Currently we are working on balance. Study/Playing routine is where we want it to be so now it’s time to focus on other areas of life also.

Our daily schedule looks as follows. Till lunch we have time to study, read books, chat about ideas and develop in other areas of life. Also to exercise, socialize and spend some time resting or just enjoying the great view from our garden :) after lunch we are studying and then till night playing with small breaks to refresh our minds. Also we are learning how to cook Macrobiotics, to have fresh and healthy food for all day.

Few books for inspiration. Many more in Library so if you want some tips ask in comments.


Here is individual self-reflection. We observe that it hurts to get these things from our heads, but it have enormous impact on our lives. We can see many connections and can only recommend to try that. You will get used to it and it won’t take some much energy as in the first few rounds.



Since we are living together my life scooped quick turnaround. I observed big shift in my attitude towards life in general. In short I feel like a better person.

It covers not only studying and playing poker, but also working on my character, approach and understanding of myself and this inevitable leads to understanding others as well. I feel Happy, Stable and very Strong.

I will focus mainly on action this month. Process is prepared and don’t need to be changed so much. This leads to investing more hours into the play. Goals are big and motivation to achieve them is enormous!

Last month was test of what is working and what isn’t and need to be adjusted. I believe that I find the right balanced way. (It isn’t the end of the way, just the corrections will be smaller). I will focus more on reading, because I see the big impact on my thought patterns. Also we will start to visit regularly gym, because summer is coming (and even if we will be sitting most of the time behind the desk, I want to have good feeling about my body which also will lead to clear and effective mind).

This month I will play 3 250 180-man/90-man Sng.



When it comes to poker, I had pretty though last two weeks (Paradoxically I had good results but zero flavor for the grind). Motivation was on low level and I was feeling close to burn-out (Not because of hours putted in but because I forget Why I play poker and what it means for me). This takes me to self-reflection.

Why I play poker in the first place? What is my motivation? Where I want to go? What is my ultimate mission?

I take some time to reevaluate all of this questions and come to conclusions that I want something that is bigger than all of my dreams or goals. Till now I had financial goals, volume goals etc. Maybe for lot of people its sufficient motivation but nothing work for all of us in the same way.

After few days of thinking and talking with b0bin4k I concluded that Poker is for me another season of my life which won’t last long. I love to work with people and I am pretty good in helping them with their life journey. My life-mission is to help and enhance the potential in others. Before I will take this path I want to do unforgettable writing to poker history.

So what is the result?


10 Million Vpps in next 3 years.

This year’s journey remains same. Supernova Elite and get from playing 15$ 6-max HT to the highest limits.

After that I will apply same process and almost same number of hours from start and will go for 4x SNE. Last year in this business I will squeeze out the maximum from myself and will make 5x SNE.

Thanks to that I will entry to the Hall of Fame and will take my poker journey as a complete. After that will be poker for me hobby.

So with really big motivation and detailed plan it’s time to take action!

I am Thankful for what I have in my life. Now with humility and clear mind it’s time to make difference in the world starting inside me in the first place.


With this we are leaving you room for questions and comments. Thanks for reading guys, hopefully it will ignites a spark in you because that’s the one thing we can share with you for now.


This month plan is to play 7 500 6-max SnG. It’s the biggest volume ever, but I feel confident that I will make it without bigger difficulties.


Little reflection at the end.


Vision = Habit = Program = Action = Result 

If you know where you want to be (Vision), you make Habit from it (it takes effort to do so), it goes to Program (effortless) = Then you can make Action on daily Basis and it will inevitably end with results.


Wish you all the best!

opice10, b0bin4k

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