End of September - Start of October

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Short summary

Hello Grinders!

How is it going? Hope everything is great!
I am back from small vacation with my family. Incredibly recharging and fulfilling! It is time for small recap and goals-setting for next successful month.
Last month was exciting and challenging. After longer time I was shooting 15s and it didn't went well. Card distribution was not on my side and after ~1,000 tourneys I was forced to move back on 7s.
That was break point for me and I decided to mass-table 7s till my bankroll will be ultra-safe. I think I will handle much better variance when I will have really strong bankroll to cover every possible swing.
On 7s it was much better, the difference between those two limit`s is pretty sick. Juicy tables and regular opponents have much bigger weaknesses in their game. So for now I will continue in grinding 7s for one more month but with much bigger volume then I was used to. I found some areas when I need to work on my game so I will add some more hours for studying to move my game to another level!
Non-poker wise it was great month also! I visit Dalailama`s presentation about world peace which was really great experience :-) I also studied a lot personal development which is one of my favorite hobby. And lastly I was on Neurorestart Live action in Brno with @Trki and it was unforgettable day with very long night :-) Thanks Trki!
Some of my goals for next month are:
  • Grind ~5,000 tourneys on 7s
  • Study game ~7 hours per week
  • Update regularly
  • Exercise ~5 times per week
  • Repeat Neurorestart
  • Move forward to financial independence
I am looking forward for another great month!
Wish you good luck at the tables and in non-poker life also. Make your dreams come true!  
Graph: 1st 1,000 tourneys is from 15s and the rest are 7s.
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