June and July summary

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Hey Poker fellaz!


Long-time without update so here it is. Will recap last two months because from that time I was busy and forgot to do that :)


So lets start with June. 

June was more about resting and spending quality time together with family and friends.

First week I was at my hometown - it was great, meet almost all family and few friends. Also started to coaching my mom how to play poker (He sold old business few months ago and now is searching for job) so we had a little conversation about what she want to do in life and it crystalized to poker. Played two weeks only for play money (It was her first experience with poker) and then moved to 1.5$ HT 6-max games. Believe that she can make it pretty fast at least to 7$ so watch out soon you will have another strong competition! :)

Then I’ve arrived back at home and for 10 days was playing as much poker as possible (for me :)). Although it was worst month results wise, I know that I played really good and studied hard.


Some June statistics:

~ 1.800 Tourneys

~ 43.000 Hands

~ 86 Hours played

~ 15 Hours studied

~ 18.000 Vpp`s


- 2.800$ Profit (With RB, and coaching)


Graph: (Played a lot of mtt’s, that’s why the EV is so low)



Last week we were at the best vacation ever! 10 buddies, one big boat (Catamaran), lot of alcohol (~450 beers and about 80 bottles of wine) and obviously looot of fun. We were at Croatia, nature was awesome, weather was hot (only one day was cloudy) and water was clean and fresh. In one sentence – Chill, sun, and 7day party! Come back full of power to put there some serious volume!


Then 2nd best month comes - July! 

July was full of new experiences and a lot of changes happened. Wont be writing all of them but in short – We’ve broke up with ex girlfriend, so I’ve decided to put the hours in poker. As usually it wont worked so long, because I met another one and also started to spend more time with my friends. But still I’ve been able to put there most hours this year and it paid of :)


Some July statistics:

~ 4.600 Tourneys (2014 Record)

~ 100.000 Hands (2014 Record)

~ 175 Hours played (2014 Record)

~ 25 Hours studied (2014 Record)

~ 42.000 Vpp`s (Overall Record)


+ 11.500$ Profit (RB, coaching included) (2nd best month)





Now I am coming back from my family and preparing myself for 5 grinding months. Sitting on ~160k Vpp`s and still have ~240k in front of me. That’s mean about 40k this month and then each month ~5k more to get somewhere at 55-60k at December. After I will make 400k vpp`s this year and about 60k vpp`s in December, I will start to chase SNE with 55k vpp`s in January!


Also rewarded myself with this beauty:




Will arrive in 10 weeks - now it’s in production, cannot wait when I will be sitting on it! :)


So that was in short last two months. Now back to process and do the best what I can to play A-game! 

YTD Graph:



Hope you’re doing also great and if not don’t worry. If you will put the effort in it will turn around soon!

Cya guys and wish you the best!


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