Recap of 2015, Plans for 2016

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Lot of fails, lot of learning and lot of fun.


Its been a while since my last post and I cannot have better opportunity to be active again. With new year comes reflection of the last one and plans for the following one.

Recap of 2015:

Last year was in one word Test. I lived through a very intense relationship which ended catastrophically. Busted roll, experience financial difficulties and was fighting with myself a lot.

I cannot express how grateful I am for all of this. Not only Ive learned a lot, it actually made me stronger and more perceptive than I could have imagined.

I also lived beautiful moments with friends and family. Grow as a person and clarified a lot of things in my life. So overal I am very happy with 2015 despite those challanges and failures.

Last few months of 2015 I was getting back on feet and planning the way back up. I spent 7 days (156 houres) in a cottage without light, sounds and civilization and had a lot of time to think about past/present/future. This experience shape my world view. With almost no stimulus my mind, body and spirit get the needed rest and started to work like with new processor. Also values and priorities automaticly shifts towards the more important like family, relationships, proper rest and food.

So here I am. Starting from the „bottom“ once again. Full of energy and with strong vision and clear table. What now?

Poker Plans for 2016:

Fully transition to CG. (Starting at NL10)

10k$ BR (100 BI to NL100)

Beat NL100 with 3evbb/100+ winrate on at 250k hands+

Play 1m hands

Life Plans:

Move to hometown to get my costs/month to the lowest point.

Rest more and BE instead of DO :)

Study, read and grow in all aspects of life.

Make excersize everyday habit.

Get better at cooking.


Starting next weekend and will report on weekly basis.

Hope everyone is doing great, next chapter is in front of us and I wish you all love, peace of mind and wealth.


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