How did it started :P

 photo pitr: Pokerstars player, Multitable tournaments and SnG, NL Holdem
everyone has nice stories about it how he has begun his grinding :). There´s mine...

I remember the day when i had last 0.94 dollars on Pokerstars (I wanted play for fun so I put there 10 dollars) and I tried to play sattelite to big 2,20 (30c) like a last chance. I won it and qualified to event.. I ended 72. from around 14000 players and earned 25 dollars. It was great play and i fell in love in poker.(DESTINY by Micros : ) It was 4 months ago. I decided to make something from this great game like NL Holdem. So I was watching the videos, reading the books (I do it still) and now, 4 months later I broke my first milestone of playing to have 100 dollars on Pokerstars without  deposit ! It isn´t about it that I don´t have money but I wanted to see how to make from zero to hero (in my case no... but maybe sometimes.. :D) Now it´s time to choose which is the best way for increasing my bankroll. We´ll see :) How did you start with online poker ? :)

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