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115 days ago
Purpose. Its why we wake up. Its why we breathe. Its what we're more hungry for than food. What is yours? Do you wake up with purpose? Do you strive to achieve something every single day? Do you challenge yourself to be better every morning from the second you wake up? I believe self-awareness is vital to success, and if I answer no to any of these questions on any given day, im failing myself. The truth is, it happens. If we want great things to happen we have to be honest with ourselves and accept truth. Usually, I acknowledge my shortcomings mentally, but for the first time I am trying something different. I believe that half the battle of being a professional poker player is self-awareness. I think we could all benefit from challenging ourselves a lot more and making sure we dont victimize ourselves when we go through downswings. We need to make sure we are proactive at looking at ourselves and doing anything and everything we possibly can to be better. Nothing is easy. Nothing is given. Nothing is waiting to happen. We must make it happen. Period.

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