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 photo poker hole cards: Simple and user-friendly application that allows you to quickly estimate the range of your opponents and visualize all their showdowns by pressing just one button.
Hi to everyone! I am the author of the Poker Hole Cards software, which has gained a lot of positive feedback from players in the Russian-speaking community. Let me introduce you to PHC.

What is this program and how it works?

PHC adds a button on top of the table for every player (like HUD in HM2). Clicking the button opens a Database window:



A simple system of filters allows you to see the actual range of the enemy in different spot on different streets. The key difference from the HM2 and PT4 - we do not see an abstract % of Flop check-raise, for example. We see specific hands that had made this check-raise.

What is the advantage?

Imagine that you are sitting at a table with fish 80/60 as at 30 hands, which has WTSD 60%.

You can think "Ha! Another agro-monkey, I get called his open-push with ATs." But if you check it out with PHC, you can see a range of "KK +." So the conclusion about "agro-monkey" in this case was hasty - opponent got a strong hand several times, and nothing more.

Another situation. Many hands on the opponent. eg 20 000. He check-raise you on the turn. HM2 says that the enemy makes it 15 times out of 100. But with what? Turn on PHC filters for all betting rounds, admire the result, and we can make the right decisions.

And now the same situation, but we have only a few hands on the opponent. And there are no known cases of a check-raise on the turn. But there are several other hands. In PHC these hands are displayed very clearly and concisely. You will be able to evaluate the general trends of the game of the enemy with strong and weak hands, and make the right decision.

Software works with the HM2 and PT4 (except Zoom tables with PT4).

Where can I use the program?

Currently supported the vast majority of games in the No Limit Hold'em: Cash, MTT, SnG, Zoom. Rooms - PokerStars and the 888 Poker

Software is permitted by Stars?


OK. I want to try.

Welcome to our site.

Short video FAQ, which will help you to download and set up the program (I have a flawless accent, I know =) )

Do not forget to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

You can ask your questions here and via Skype (add me - "olmerpes", Russia -  with PHC subject)

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