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  • Promotions
  • VIP programme

Party Poker

There aren’t many poker rooms that are around for as long as Party Poker is. With a steady traffic for almost a decade now, decent software and plenty of fish, it is one of the better sites avalible on the market.



Party Poker probably has the best fish-to-traffic ratio meaning that while the site has pretty big player base providing a decent traffic, a quite huge portion of it is made of amateur, recreational and often absolutely terrible players making its player pool the best thing about Party Poker.


Party Poker was years ago the largest network in the world and although those days are long gone now and its traffic is declining with each passing month, it remains pretty decent and offers quite a few tables for most of the day.


Even though it is far from the best, Party Poker’s software still falls into the category of well-designed. It has most of the features and settings it should have and its compatible with majority of 3rd party programs and HUDs.



Party Poker does not offer too many promotions and even when they do, most of them are not that valuable to be worth putting in a huge volume.

VIP programme

VIP rewards arent’t Party’s strong side either not providing more than 15% rakeback for most of its players.

Final verdict

There are things that Party Poker certainly lacks of, especially when it comes to additional value from promotions and VIP programme that are otherwise considered as a standard in the industry as due to increasing difficulty of the games, rakeback has become a significant portion of players’ earnings. The question is, however, do you really need that when you can make more than a decent profit simply by crushing all the fish around?


100% up to 500$
To be honest, Party Poker’s first deposit bonus is not the site’s strong site. Party offers 100% up to $500 which is pretty much the smallest bonus of all the larger sites. It provides an okay 25% rakeback and you have generous 120 days to clear it all up.