• Software Graphics & Design
  • Toughness
  • Customer Support


  • Multitabling
  • Traffic
  • Hardware requirements


To describe PKR in just a couple of sentences is pretty much impossible. PKR has set itself a goal to offer their players a full visual and social experience of live poker play, resulting in quite an interesting poker room, that is without a doubt, absolutely different from all the others.


Software Graphics & Design

As we mentioned already, PKR has set itself a goal to offer their players a full visual and social experience of live poker play and has done so by designing the whole 3D poker room graphics with actual tables, customised characters, chips, interactions, sounds etc – you should definitely try for yourself!


Heavy multitabling is close to impossible on this type of software, which has its great bright side – not too many regs can be found at the tabling making PKR probably the fishiest site in the world.

Customer Support

PKR is a smaller site and there is often a problem with these regarding the quality of customer support. PKR handles most of the requests quite well and quickly resulting in a quite decent customer support.



We touched upon this already. It very hard to seriously multitable on a 3D software. If your goal is to maximize your profits by adding as many tables to your daily routine as possible, PKR simply isn’t a site for you.


Even most of the recreational players prefer the classic, simple 2D look and so the PKR’s player base is rather small. We would however like to point out that since you cannot really play more than couple of tables at once anyway, even with small traffic you can always find a game to play.

Hardware requirements

With a complex software, PKR does quite some time to download and gives your computer quite a load to deal with when running and will not run smoothly on older PCs.

Final verdict

An absolutely unique site of its own, PKR is designed for a specific group of players weighted towards recreational side. If you want to have fun playing a mixture of live poker/online poker/video game sitting at your home, this is a number one choice for you. Heavy grinders will not find many reasons to play here. It should be noted, however, that the tables are so soft here that it may actually compensate for the lacking multitabling.


125% up to 500$
PKR offers several first deposit bonuses with the highest avalible offering 125% up to $500. The effective rakeback is 25% and you have 60 days to redeem your bonus.