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PokerStars.com is currently the largest and best know online poker room in the world and the truth is, there are reasons why is it so. Being around for more than a decade now, PokerStars has by far the largest player base in the world providing decent traffic for pretty much every game they offer throughout day and night, 24/7. With highest guarantees, lowest rake and decent VIP programme, PokerStars clearly ranks as the best online poker room out there.



As we have mentioned already, PokerStars has the largest player base in the world providing enough traffic for any game you would like to focus on 24/7, which is not true for vast majority of other poker rooms. Of course the traffic varies during the day, but no matter which hour you feel like playing, you can be sure you will be able to.


PokerStars has the best poker software out off all poker rooms. Period. It is nicely designed, user-friendly, offers loads of different settings allowing you to customise it to your best comfort as is compatible with pretty much every single piece of 3rd party software, especially TableNinja.


While PokerStars ranks lower in terms of VIP programme and easily achievable rakeback, it makes it up in the most important feature - you do not need too high of a rakeback when you are paying the lowest rake out of all poker rooms.

Game selection

With traffic as good as it gets, PokerStars offers a huge number of different games, formats, variants, stakes and most importantly, the greatest selection of multi-table tournaments with the highest guarantees and runs several tournament series throughout the year for both micro-stake nad high-stake players.


If you want to qualify for a live event online, your best shot at finding a satellite for that event is with PokerStars. Name a tournament series in the world and PokerStars will have a qualifier for it in its selection, whether it is WSOP, EPT, APPT, CPT or whatever 'PT' you can come up with!

Customer Support

Again, you will not find a better customer support among poker rooms. They are swift, helpful, tolerant and avalible in multiple languages.



Unless you reach and keep one of the two highest PokerStars' VIP statuses, your rakeback will not exceed 30%. That's pretty much it.


Although PokerStars continously runs several decent promotions, you won't find any rake races, point races or any other kind of that fun stuff other poker rooms come up with every month. In other words, do not expect to get your 'rakeback' boosted with a special promo too often, although they occasionally throw in a reload bonus, usually before the start of WCOOP or SCOOP tournament series.

Huge fields

While having great traffic is generally good, it might have its downswide. Tournaments at PokerStars, especially when it comes to lower stakes, are filled with huge fields consisting of thousands of players . If you can't handle variance well, this might be a big problem for you.


As PokerStars is rated as the best poker room in the world, you will find all the pros and regulars playing here and while there are most certainly plenty of fish around, the truth is the player base in general is probably the toughest of all poker rooms.

Final verdict

While we mentioned some of the cons of playing on PokerStars, the fact remains you won't probably find a better place to play poker online. The combination of a stunning software, best traffic and lowest rake makes PokerStars an undisputed champion of online poker rooms. Whatever format or game you want to focus on, it is most likely PokerStars where you will be able to find the best success at.


100% up to 600$
PokerStars' first deposit bonus is one of the better ones avalible with 100% up to $600, effective 32% rakeback (you release $10 for every 170 VPPs/$31 paid in rake) and 90 days to clear it all.