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Winamax is a french site open to most of the world (US not included). With a decent software, great tournaments and increasing traffic, it is climbing up the ladder of world’s online poker rooms.



Winamax designed its own software and they did a pretty good job. It looks very nice, runs smooth, offers plenty of customisable settings and is compatibile with many of the 3rd party softwares.


While Winamax allows players from other countries to join in as well, it is a French site with most of its player pool consisting of French players who are notoriously bad on average and will often donk off their chips in a whaley fashion.


Winamx offers a great selection of tournaments with very good structure, relatively high guarantees and, of course, very weak players fields. They even run their own tournament series from time to time. If you are a tournament player, Winamax is a must-add to your poker room selection.



Due to French legislation and taxes, Winamax is enforced to took more rake from the games resulting in one of highest rakes of all the poker rooms.

VIP programme

With rake as high as it is, one would hope to get a decent rakeback on Winamax. Unfortunately, this is not the case, neither with first deposit bonus or its subsequent ViP programme.


Another downside of Winamax being a French site is the obligation to go through their validation proccess, which, lets be frank, annoys all of us. Once validated however, you should have no more problems regarding this issue.

Final verdict

With high rake and bad bonuses/VIP programme, we do not believe Winamax is a great site for heavy grinding although the pure profit from all the french whales may compesate for that. On the other side, Winamax is absolutely perfect for tournament players with its great selection tourneys and the fact that rake in tournaments is not an important factor.


100% up to 500€
Winamax offers an initial bonus of 100% up to 500 euro with 3 full months to clear it all up. The effective rakeback is only 13,3% resulting in one of the worst first deposit bonuses on the market.