The Unconventional Rounder

Starting as a full time poker player

Soon I will begin my journey as a full time poker player.  It may not last long but I am at least giving it a shot.  I am currently unemployed and living with my girlfriend and her mother.  As part of my bucket list she has agreed to allow me to take a small amount of money and support me in the process of attempting to play poker for a living.  Now when I say small amount,  I mean small amount.  2k is not very much money to play poker for a living I know, but with not having any overhead and all other bills taken care of I look at it as an investment into my future. 

My largest challenge is her understanding that poker is not gambling.  I see it as a bussiness.  Every bussiness has risk.  The key is keeping the risk calculated and to a minimum.  I believe I am able to do this.  The trick is to show her. 

Sure there will be ups and downs.  I will not win all the time.  I will however become the best poker player I can and be successful over all.  Stay tuned for more updates as I get started.

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