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Just wishing for the day that Americans like me can play on Pokerstars again.....


818 days ago
Home Game True Stories: I thought people might get some entertainment out of this... So when playing home games we try to avoid playing with newbies like the plague, but this particular time it couldn`t be helped due to my newbie sister. UTG newbie (who at this point after reading through a poker book for 10 minutes has already argued with me about a statistic when I politely told him the correct answer) limps, I raise Button with KK. BB calls and newbie calls after my sister folds/exposes an ace. Flop comes Q 3 7 rainbow. Newbie bets out huge. Thinking he`s never folding what I thought he had, (KQ, QJ) I just shove. BB folds, he calls and shows....... wait for it...... A8o. About the time I say "Uh ok", the turn card is flipped and voila, he hits his 2-outer ace. For some strange reason I wasn`t even shocked.
829 days ago
Since I have to play on Bovada and am thus limited to a pathetic 4 game-at-a-time SNG maximum, I guess getting to a thousand games might be as good of a time as any to look at results. Not that I`m that great of a multi-tabler since I haven`t played many at once since BF, but like everyone else on here I could play 4 tables while drunk and riding a bicycle. Sigh, maybe Stars will eventually get to come to California...

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