500k VPPs Lifetime Achievement Award lolz

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I made it!

A few days I surpassed 500k VPPs lifetime! This means that I have paid $90,910 in rake playing on Pokerstars (5.5 VPPs per $1 Rake).


My average buy in probably is something like $12 I would imagine as I mainly played $16 9 man turbos back in the day, and a lot of $7s to grind up a roll.

If I played 500k VPP's worth of $15 Spins that would be 101,011 of them! What a crazy number! But if you break it down I've been playing for about 7 years on stars and I got Supernova like 3 times, so that averages out to about 14k games a year... which is actually kinda crazy.

But of course, these numbers aren't entirely right, I had played up to $30s until Black Friday, I had dabbled in other formats and some months played more then others. Having Supernova as a target was a good way to have volume targets and I've always been pretty decent at making them without being all lastminute.com.

The Outsider POV vs The Reality

I'm sure others will see this as an achievement, and I've learned that when complimented about something like this, the best thing to do is say thanks!

However, what I used to do when someone complimented me on something they thought was cool (breakdancing or my graphic design work etc) was decide to accept it based on my point of view (the reality) of my field.

A typical reply would be like "Thanks, but its not that good... others have better work, I don't like it myself" etc. Maybe in Britain people are more reserved but it seems like a trend that we like to play things down. This makes the complimenter feel shitty, "the complimentee" unaccepting of the guys appreciation for his achievement, even if he is not an expert in that field.

How not to accept thanks! :D

So if you think getting 500k VPPs lifetime so far only playing low stakes is cool... Thanks!

The honest truth is that I'm not that proud of my achievement because of the lack of results. I have felt like that I should have been doing better for a long time, especially considering the coaches I've had, it really feels like there is no excuse by this point. I'm sure a lot of Spin regs out there assume that I'm bad and can see a ton of leaks even to this day. But either way, this is a milestone and I'm sure I'll get there because I'm driven.

Appreciate those breakeven regs that stick at it, this game is super easy to hit the tables if you keep winning, but how many would stick it out for the love of the game only living off rakeback and hope that things will turn around?

Blackboo's comment a while ago really hit the nail for me, and for sure its effected my confidence.


Anyways, here's to another 500k vpps? Cheers!


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