Avatar Gone!

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Any of you guys having the same problem or other bugs since the last update?

A few days ago Pokerstars did an update. Well actually I tried to login and it said that my client was so old it didn't support it anymore. Apparently I had managed to open it without loading up the updater...

Anyways after updating I noticed that my avatar was gone. Seemed strange...

So I thought, oh that's weird, I'll resubmit it. I found the picture and did that.
After waiting a day it had said that it was submitted, but my avatar was still blank. Very strange... so I emailed Stars.
I had also noticed that some other people had the same problem reported on 2p2.


This isn't the first time that Stars has had software problems, and it seems to have gotten worse since the takeover from Amaya. They might have lost some of the original team.
Anyways going pictureless isn't the worst thing ever. Its just #FirstWorldPokerPlayerProblems lol
I hope you guys are all doing ok at the tables and not getting too many bugs...
Right now I'm watching the Ubisoft presentation at E3 where they have 6 Virtual Reality players playing some weird flying football game. I'm sure its more fun then it seems, but one thing is for sure... No one looks cool playing it 
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