The 2nd Coming of the 200x Spin

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One day this spinner can dream... :'(


Just to note, I'm gonna be putting up a copy of my posts here as well, it seems more "communicative" on tiltbook, with all y'all fellow poker players!

S'up! Blog posts have been pretty bad lately, nothing short of laziness on my part. I say this like its something that I should be doing, when the reality is that there isn't really a proper incentive to do so...

Well, the incentive really is the fact that I said that I would, and I think its important to be a man of your word, even if the word is to myself. I think this is one of the biggest concepts that can help people keep promises, even if its little things like being on time. The small things matter due to the Broken Window theory.*

Anyways, one thing that puts me off is the insane long posts that I do with multiple subjects. As nice as those are, it puts me off in a few ways, the main one being the feeling of upping myself with every post. So I'm gonna try shorter posts, with one subject only, and this should also help with the indexing of the content if I (or you guys) wanna refer back to it.

Another good reason to blog I want to mention is that its quite therapeutic to get your thoughts out there etc (and scientifically proven so), and since I play Spins that's not a bad idea!


*Read Freaknomics, its got some pretty cool interesting things like this explained!

The Second Coming

My last 200x Spin turned up early on a Sunday session, and this one early on in a Saturday session. Dunno why its always the weekend! But its kinda brutal to have to carry on playing after it especially after losing as it is hard to keep your mental strength intact. But I set myself some volume goals so it had to be done.

When it showed up 3 things came to mind;

  1. Play well! At least better then the last one and don't let the occasion get the better of you. No doubt the pressure got to me last time and I made some mistakes because of it.
  2. Am I against regs or randoms?
  3. Please don't let me get sucked out on for the win.
Its a reg's dream to be against two recreational players in this situation, if not vs one of them heads up. And that's what I got. Fantastic. 
With the Pokerstars "Simple Theme", the 200x is a lovely bright red. That way you cant miss it! xD
The game started a lot looser then expected, as I thought most recreationals would stay tight in these bigger multipliers. I soon gained the chip lead bluff catching one of them, and then later on knocking him out with him shoving his top pair into my straight on the turn.
Not only was this the dream of getting two recreational players, but I got the more passive one heads up, with a chip lead!
As I started chipping away more and more at his stack, he limp trapped 4bbs with AA as I squeezed and doubled up. So it meant, chipping away again, but as the blinds got to t80 he got more aggro with shoving. With even stacks, he shove A6, I called A9 and 6 came on the flop and that was that.
No.3 wasn't forfilled, prob my most expensive 70/30 lost. Aw well.
As much as it would have been nice to ship it, its more important to be consistently winning at these, and I still have a lot to learn, as I expect a lot of you spin regs that face me will know my leaks and bad plays...
TL;DR 200x Spin no.1 AA lost to Q9, 200x Spin no.2 A9 lost to A6 ftw.
Anyways, til next time... (I'll try this weekly hopefully) GL at the tables everyone!
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