2013: where iv come from and where im going

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One of the key parts of reaching your potential is planning and review

So rather then one of my normal blogs which have more of a topic that im speaking on in general, this one will be loosley based on one topic and the rest of it will mostly be me talking about my personal goals and thoughts to reflect on later down the track.


2013 was a really amazing year in terms of progression in poker for me, i was met with multiple challenges along the way, met new and interesting people, reached places i never thought id go and in the process also fell short on a couple goals i had as well as learned a lot more about life in general. Going into 2013 my goals were reasonably high, i wanted to reach Super Nova Elite and move up to $200 hypers starting the year on $15s and 30s. I very quickly found out how hard it is to achieve super nova elite status. Its something that takes a huge amount of dedication, commitment, blood, sweat and tears. I began grinding 500 games per day of $30 hypers which for those who don't know is roughly 7 hours of work. Hypers however are mentally exaughsting to do long sessions on due to the sheer volume of tables required and amount of decisions you are faced with. I had a nice gradual build in profit and without understanding how the variance really worked in these games proceeded to have a 15k upswing in the two limits combined and then after talking to my backer he agreed to let me move up limits with the understanding that i had to grind out of whatever i shot took if and when it went bad at a lower limit.

(keep in mind this graph is pre rakeback and a huge portion of $ comes from rakeback, yes i actually made money this year off sngs)

I learned something right there and then that iv seen as a reoccuring theme in my particular approach to poker as well as many others in various parts of the game relating to personal money management. In one form or another, I degen. The second anything goes remotley well for me i proceed to push the stakes shot -taking until i have a downswing. For me and hypers early on it was a 30k downswing pre rakeback. Now at the time there was no way i was +EV in the stakes $60+ in my opinion with what i knew, and it probably was reflected on my graph too. I then was stuck for a good few months grinding in make up that i could not possibly hope to get out of anytime soon at 30s and 60s without a solid 3 months of consistency. I started getting paranoid and depressed about how good i was at poker as everybody normally does. However fortunatley WSOP-Asia Pacific rolled around.


WSOP-APAC was a really awesome experience, it was the first time i had gone overseas without my family, first time i had experienced a casino outside of New Zealand and the first time i got to play against people i had read or seen on television and the internet for the past 5 years. I also got to play an interesting lineup of Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth, Daniel Negraeu, Elky, Mike Leah (GoLeafsGoEh) on the same table at once in the $2k mixed 8game event and also final tabled #1 and busted 9th for 22k which cleared my make-up. Also got 2nd in a side event for a bunch and won a seat to my first 10k live event which was exciting.


The series more or less got me out of a really hard time i was having. After that i was happier to grind at lower stakes to refill the bank account to a level where i felt comfortable for my next shot take, which came during WCOOP where i proceeded to have a 40k month and decided to shot take every single 1k and 2k that ran. The final day of the main i had the worst day iv ever had money wise in poker after bricking 4k worth of satelites, and a 1k and 2k buy in as on top of the main event ($5300) for a all up -12.5k day. Oddly enough i felt completely fine with it and after falling into roughly 18k make up proceeded to grind out of it through various satelites and sngs. But its another good example of my personal style of degenning. It might be more tonned down then the guys who have no personal bankrolls and blow their rolls weekly, or regging the super tuesday when im down the 1k, but i still have a tendency to do huge shot takes when im low in make up.


So after much thought half way through the year i opted to give up on my supernova elite chase

The choice was not easy but i felt it was the right one given my skill set and levels of disiplin and knowledge not being yet ready at the time to tackle this challenge properly.

Towards the end of the year i decided to make the transition from hypers to Turbo sngs for multiple reasons, mostly due to my hatred of hypers and the variance they offer, but also because i enjoy branching out and expanding in different gametypes. And i generally enjoy them even if they have worse traffic and bad hours.

All in all for 2013 my results ended up looking like this

$47,946 in Mtts (clearly ran awesome which made up for 2012's horrible mtts)

$17,593 in SnGs (i could add Battle of planets but honestly i don't know how much i won, definitly a couple thousand at least though)

As estimated live profit total of 35k all up which brings 2013 to a close with a total $100,539 profit

I had an 8k downswing towards the end of the year in sit and goes but overall you can see from the results they were nowhere near what i would have liked to achieve. However i did learn a lot from the process and next year expect it to be significantly better for multiple reasons.

-Table selection: this year i did bar none, i just opensat all turbo games and sat in any hyper that ran for the most part 60s and below. I did table select 100s to be softer  then the 30s i played which was disapointing results wise considering i dropped 11k in them. Same applied for 200s with smaller losing result.

 -Hours: i have been waking up at mid day to 1pm for far too long and my lack of disipline in that area needs to change, so i will be waking up at 7 am every day next year to get the high volume Turbo SnGs as well as the ability to do multiple sessions in the day, 2013 was VERY lazy for sngs. Out of the 29797 games that i played roughly 28k would be hypers and 28k hypers in a year volume wise is pretty pathetic. I should have at least aimed for 100k games.

-One of the reasons i struggled with volume in 2013 was due to my video game addiction which while i havn't stopped playing i feel i have made amazing progress on. I no longer want to stay inside for 12 hours playing counterstrike but actually opt for exercise, reading and socializing. I didn't beat the addiction i merely grew out of it.

-I know what im doing now for a living, earlier in 2013 i had university going as well as poker and i found it stressed me out not having 1 thing to focus on which i now have cleaned out of my to do list in 2014.

In terms of study for 2013 i felt my time dedication was very good and i actually find myself enjoying study more then i do playing the games. Iv found some serious room for improvement in different areas which im yet to go into but am very excited about.

So having learned from the failed experience of 2013 i now have thought of the goals i wanted to set for 2014 and where i want to head in poker.

-Grind most volume on Turbo 6max SnGs between the limits of 60s - 500s with the intention of by the end of the year be shot taking soft 1k's and 2k's.

-Aim for the largest volume for the 36-100 buy in and 101-300 buy in on sharkscope

-Reach supernova elite

-beat the games Pre-rakeback for 2%

So for the rest of the year il just be grinding the remaining 7k vpps i need to aquire Supernova 400k then heading off for my annual new years get together with friends before heading off in January for Aussie Millions series where i plan to play for a month straight before returning to the online world. Oddly this has multiple coincidental benefits. Most grinders put up new years challenges and by the end of january mid february they often fail and lose motivation. The games often suck in january and soften by march.


Iv learned through personal experience that putting a submission goal on blogs is pointless as it rushes the quality of what i want to get out there, and doesn't give me time to properly contemplate what i am saying so expect a few more next year, but as for when. There is no expected date.


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