A guide to self-reflection, lessons to learn, and how to fix life leaks (part 1 of 3): My personal improvement method

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All problems are fixable, there is always room for self-improvement no matter what your doing. Including improving your drug empire.

I was gonna throw this part into the next blog (part 2) after giving it some context but i think if i started with my personal story everybody would be so bored they'd struggle to make it half way down this page let alone to the end of all 3 parts ^_^.

When i hear people complain about how hard their life is, or how they feel like they're going nowhere the first thing i ask them is whats stopping you from being where you want to be? Too many people feel bogged down, don't have the self-confidence to accomplish something, fall into a state of depression and can't see a way out. Too many people aren't playing life the game theory optimal way for them. My hope is that this entry will hopefully make people contemplate ways to fix their own problems. Its a pretty generic logical fix but sometimes it takes a simple nudge in the right direction to understand that things aren't so bad and almost everything is fixable. 

Here's something i do often as well as a bit of my own theory in order to motivate myself and fix life leaks. I run an analysis of my life and career, where i am and my current situation. I set goals for every part of my life, and i break each goal down as much as possible which i call the logical lifeleak plan.

for example (il do me at the moment) with a logical breakdown from there and then show how i logically proceed to create a plan to fix my life.

-80kg>>>>goal is 75kg

from here id break down my current intake, nutritional needs, set a date to lose the weight by, structure a diet day by day for a week so i know exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

-low to average fitness>>>>goal is an above average level of fitness

Structure a work out regime that would get this to where i need it to be at, with increasingly difficult daily quota's of exercise until im where im at and maintain.

-currently in 20ish makeup >>>goal is clearing make up

Break down factors that put me in the make up, and then from there look at what schedule im grinding and how i can adjust that to optimise $ per hour or optimise the fastest and lowest variance way realistically to get out of make up while sustaining a decent level of mental happyness

-losing sight of motivation in poker>>>>Goal is to regain the motivation
Id start by break down of reasonings and proceed to find ways to sort each thing. Since im currently feeling capped il start studying again with specific people with varying skillsets who are at an elite level, set myself goals in relation to what i want to acheive, and all the hands that i struggled with il attempt to review a good portion of them to remind myself its variance.

-Spend too much time in my day wasting it on non-optimal things>>>>wheres it going? write down every 30 minutes what you've done and draw up a schedule of what you did in the last 3 days to see where wasted time went. Seriously try this if your one of those people who complains they don't have enough time in life. You will be amazed at the hours wasted when you actually write it down

-lack of social interaction (out of lazyness at the moment) >>>>how can i solve this? Set up times to hang out with friends and family

-financially ok>>>>goal: baller

Where am i leaking in expenses, and where can i be gaining money with potential funds sitting around? look into investment options as well as if you have any people your backing look for ways to make their life easier in some respect or motivate them to increase volume.

 Now for the rather extreme example (there are no spoilers for those who are still watching Breaking Bad so feel safe to read on)

Walter White's Life Leaks

-Too much money with no way to launder it/spend it

Goal: be able to spend the money he has without drawing attention

Firstly if hes got enough money its time to get out of the business, make an exit strategy and write down a list of contacts you need to tie up lose ends with (one way or another). Make sure its known that your done and you no longer want a part of the business.

How much money are we talking? Write a list of potential ways to launder the money and a risk reward ratio. Consider all alternative ways and benefits and cons. I personally would try and exponentially grow the business's iv got for a bellcurve effect to slowly but increasingly wash all the money iv got while setting up an empire that would be a real contender.

-Bad relationship with wife

If your wife hates you, break down why your wife hates you and what reasons she has, how can you change her opinions? Sometimes if the ships taking on too much water it might just be worth getting into a life boat and letting that one go down. Whats effecting her thats stressing everything? Fix that and you might receive some thanks and ease pressure

-So various dangerous people want you dead

Well we got 4 options here, we could either break down why the guys want us dead and see if theres any option that doesn't result in everybody needing to be whacked, we could fake our own death, call up some hitmen, or just call up the vaccum cleaner repairman and ask for a new dust filter for my Hoover Max Extract pressure pro muscle 60.

Way up alternatives, plan everything down to a tee as well as after effects of each given decision leaving nothing up to chance, then go ahead and follow said decision.

-So your meth is only 96% pure, you can do better.

Theres always room for improvement and if your not getting out of the game why settle for only 96%? Thats a solid 4% room for improvement!

Study into chemical reasoning and look for that improved 4% Meth implied odds

Think about making the Meth Chef's hall of fame, you could be known as the Gordon Ramsay of Meth cooks.


When you think about how you analyse a poker hand it really translates across in almost every respect. Implied odds are still implied odds whether its building an empire, playing a hand, or getting some girls number. The rule of 2 and 4 can become the rule of 2 by 4 if somebodys giving you a hard time and you think that the optimal solution is that (not that im advocating violence unless its a last resort....or building a drug empire). When it comes down to it poker is a good way to teach logic. And we have t he ability to utilize that in every single part of our lives.

Once you do these things you will see where theres room for improvement, improving may not be the easiest thing in the world but if you force yourself to stick to a broken down plan and set up a personal reward/punishment system for not sticking to things it can really help you build a new level of dedication and work ethic. Almost no problems are unfixable with a logical approach, people are just lazy or want to avoid thinking about their problems and wallow in their own self pity. And if in doubt, ask for help 

better call saul

As normal if you have any counter arguements/things to add throw em in comments. Im always interested in others opinions

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